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How To Use Chrome Splash On A Structure In Fortnite

The first week of challenges are live in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. Learn how to use a Chrome Splash on a structure and phase through it within 5 seconds.
How To Use Chrome Splash On A Structure In Fortnite

Now that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is live, the first week of challenges have become available. One of those includes using a Chrome Splash on a structure and phasing through it within 5 seconds.

On paper, that challenge is easy to take down if you know about all the items in the latest season of the Battle Royale. However, if you haven't had a chance to jump into the new Fortnite season, things can get hectic. This guide will outline exactly how to complete the weekly challenge.

How to use a Chrome Splash on a structure and phase through it in Fortnite

Phase through a Chrome wall. (Picture: Epic Games)

Chrome Splashes are a brand new item in Chapter 3 Season 4 that are designated as a Legendary rarity. They are also purple in color themselves and are shaped like cylinders with a silver glow. Anything with a Chrome designation will have that same glow, just like the EvoChrome weapons.

Any Chrome Splashes you find will be throwable items, just like any grenade or Shockwave item on the map. Throwing the splashes against a wall is exactly how to use the item on a structure. That's the first part of the challenge and it's important that you throw the item at a wall specifically.

When a Chrome Splash is used, you'll see the silver splash all over the place and alter the color of the effected items. However, it's the walls specifically that you can phase through. Ceilings and floors typically won't work because you need to utilize a jump.

Chrome Splash
Chrome Splashes can be found on the ground. (Picture: Epic Games)

Once a wall is altered with the Chrome Splash and you get close enough, you will see a ripple that is essentially moving toward you. To interact with that ripple, double jump towards that area and your character will slowly push through the liquid chrome to the other side.

Of course, for the full challenge, every step must be completed in succession. That means throwing the Chrome Splash and phasing through the wall within 5 seconds. Afterward, the challenge is done and you can move on to some of the other challenges in the first week of quests.

Another challenge this week includes sprinting as a Chrome blob yourself. You can get this done by simply throwing some of the Chrome Splashes at yourself and sprinting per usual. The effect last fairly long too so you can take your time.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.