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Fortnite Armored Battle Bus Spawner - What is it and how to use

The Battle Bus Spawner makes an appearance in Fortnite Creative, here's how to use the feature.
Fortnite Armored Battle Bus Spawner - What is it and how to use

The Battle Bus has been around enough for players to get familiar with the vehicle in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and now everyone can utilize the new Battle Bus Spawner when they are feeling creative. While the Armored Battle Bus is still around the main battle royale island, the spawner must be found elsewhere.

Like so many past or present items in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, the Battle Bus Spawner is a feature that has been added to the Creative Mode within the game. In the latest update, which is V20.30, the Creative Mode received a handful of new items to experiment with.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - How to use the Battle Bus Spawner

fortnite creative battle bus
Drive the Armored Battle Bus in your own maps. (Picture: YouTube / Richytoons)

Creative mode is currently the only way to make use of the Battle Bus Spawner in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. You can still find the item in modes created by other players, but in general, you'll need to load it into your own personal island within the game.

To access the island and the spawner, you can select the Creative Mode like you would with any other Battle Royale mode. You will be brought into creative, and directly ahead, you can enter a rift to your own island. In this area, you will have access to every item in creative, including the spawner.

Open up the creative inventory to see all the available features, and scroll over to the creative devices tab. This is the tab where you'll find items like tank spawners, mannequins, and of course the Armored Battle Bus Spawner. Place this on your hot bar and exit the inventory.

At this point, you can place as many Battle Bus Spawners as you would like until you reach the memory limit on the island. Each spawner placed will take up about 11,000 memory out of the 100,000 afforded to the island overall.

fortnite creative battle bus customization
The Battle Bus can be customized for creative modes. (Picture: YouTube / Richytoons)

With the spawner placed, you can walk up to the bus platform and scroll through all kinds of customization options. Nearly anything about the bus can be customized to fit the mode or the map that players want to build.

This could include the overall vehicle health, explosion delays, radio use, and even driver assignments. You can then drive the vehicle at your own leisure, or use the heavy weaponry.

On top of the addition of the Armored Battle Bus Spawner, the Cow Catcher modification was also added to Creative. So anyone that wants to bring some extra damage to structures can do just that.

We'd like to thank Richytoons for the video on the new spawner. If you enjoyed the video above, consider subscribing to the channel for more content. And of course, you can always find more information on Chapter 3 Season 2 on the Fortnite section of our site!


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Richytoons.