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A Goku Black Skin Is Very Likely Coming To Fortnite

According to recent leaks, Goku Black is making his way to Fortnite.
A Goku Black Skin Is Very Likely Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite is the largest battle royal available right now and for good reason. The game has gone through several changes throughout the years that it was available in combat, features, and so much more. The game is completely different from how it first started which makes it a good time for anyone to start playing it.

One of the key differences between now and the past of Fortnite is all the different collaborations that are in the game. Players can play as Naruto or even Creed in the same game. The amount of collaborations that Fortnite has done is staggering and more are on the way. Rumor has it that Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super is coming to Fortnite very soon.

Is Goku Black Coming To Fortnite?

Fortnite Goku Black
Fortnite has collaborated with Dragon Ball several times in the past. (Picture: Epic Games)

Throughout the history of Fortnite, there have been several reliable leakers that have popped up around the internet. They have found the information about what collaborations are coming to Fortnite with pretty high accuracy in the past. FN_Assist and ShiinaBR on Twitter have both found something worth looking at for Fortnite.

They found a skin with the codename DualParadox. The skin has two variants with one of them looking like they have a pink head. Goku Black is a character in the Dragon Ball Super universe that has a base form (black hair) and a transformed form (pink hair). This would make sense as there have been several Dragon Ball collaborations before.

When Will Goku Black Come To Fortnite?

Fortnite Goku Black
Will Goku Black join the current cast of Dragon Ball characters in Fortnite? (Picture: Epic Games)

Right now, Goku Black has not been confirmed for Fortnite. But that does not mean that we do not have an idea of when Fortnite might be adding Goku Black. May 9th was Goku Day. Although Goku Black did not appear on that day, the files for this skin do exist in an encrypted format.

This usually indicates that the skin the leakers are looking at is a collaboration. What this means is that Goku Black could be coming soon. What is most likely is that Goku Black is coming when Season 3 starts. We will have to wait and see if this actually happens.