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How To Collect Music Notes In The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty

Earn XP and Tag Spray by collecting music notes during The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty in Fortnite. Here's how to complete the quest!
How To Collect Music Notes In The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty

Fortnite's latest crossover with Australian rapper The Kid LAROI sees a new "Wild Dreams" concert available in the game's Creative Island. As many enjoy the festivities, whether it be dancing across the Island, facing unique threats, and destroying furniture, the event also sees new themed The Kid Laroi quests to complete in Fortnite.

One of these challenges requires you to locate and collect music notes during the Afterparty event to unlock rewards. But where can you find them? This guide details where to find the music notes for The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How To Collect Music Notes In Wild Dreams Afterparty

fortnite the kid laroi wild dreams guide afterparty quests music notes
Collect five music notes to complete the Wild Dreams Afterparty quest. (Picture: YouTube / Fortnite Events)

Players must collect musical notes during The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty in Fortnite. This is the most straightforward quest you can complete, for which you can earn themed cosmetics for your efforts.

Before you can start collecting the musical notes, you'll need to enter the Afterparty Creative Island by opening the Fortnite Island Code tab. Using the code provided by Epic Games, 4294-0410-6136, on the Creative Island webpage, the Island's page will appear onscreen.

Click on the "Play" button to enter the Creative Island, where you'll need to wait for the countdown to end for the event to begin. The first musical note is nearby the start of the event by the event gates, and it also highlights the path of where to find the following musical notes.

Follow the path into the next room, where the second note is on a wooden plank to your left, which you'll need to climb onto and follow the path up. You can easily find the remaining musical notes by following this path, and you'll have completed the Afterparty quest of collecting music notes in The Kid Laroi's Wild Dreams Afterparty.

You can continue following the path and collecting more musical notes, as five notes are required to complete the quest. After finishing this specific quest, you'll be rewarded with 10,000 XP, and you can unlock one of the themed items, the LAROI's Tag Spray.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Fortnite Events for their complete walkthrough on locating the music notes in Fortnite. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.