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Is Party Royale still in Fortnite

Wondering what's up with Party Royale in Fortnite? Here's our guide that explains everything we know about it.
Is Party Royale still in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 mid-season version 20.20 update has made plenty of new changes to the popular battle royal game.  Prowler is finally available in Fortnite, and players can unlock him by completing the all-new Prowler quests. There are also the new weekly challenges and resistance quests for everyone to keep everyone busy.

Epic Games has also brought a few new creative modes, such as the Sandstorm Riddle. However, one of the most popular Fortnite creatives, Party Royale, is currently unplayable.

As such, many fans could be wondering what exactly is up with Party Royale in Fortnite. Here's our guide that will tell you everything about the current status of Party Royale in Fortnite.

Is Party Royale disabled in Fortnite?

party royale fortnite
Party Royale is the party hub of Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Unfortunately, it seems Epic Games has indeed disabled Party Royale in Fortnite. Notable Fortnite data miner, iFireMonkey, also confirmed this via their Twitter.

party royale fortnite
Party Royale is disabled in Fortnite. (Picture: iFireMonkey / Twitter)

At the time of this writing, we don't know why Party Royale has been disabled. If anything, Epic Games has yet to even confirm that it has disabled Party Royale in Fortnite. Given its popularity, it's possible that this is temporary, though fans will have to wait for an official update from Epic Games.

If you didn't know, Party Royale is the party hub of Fortnite, where players can just relax and hang out with their friends and meet new players. The Party Royale arena also has a big screen where live concerts take place.

party royale fortnite
There is a big screen in Party Royale for live-concerts and performances. (Picture: Epic Games)

With the Coachella season inbound in Fortnite, and Epic Games recently asked on Twitter about the artists players would want in the next in-game concert in Fortnite, there's a possibility that something big is cooking.

It's entirely possible that Party Royale is getting renovated for the next big musical event in Fortnite, though as mentioned before,  fans will have to wait until Epic Games officially announces anything. 

The creative modes in Fortnite are regularly updated, so players may find something interesting to try until Party Royale returns. In the meantime, there's also an abundance of new resistance quests to complete and level up that Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass.


That concludes our guide on the Party Royale mode in Fortnite. Make sure to check our dedicated Fortnite section for more news, guides, and features.

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games. 

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