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Fortnite Leaks Show That A New Racing Game Mode Is Coming

In the latest leaks of Fortnite, it looks like a new racing mode is coming to the game.
Fortnite Leaks Show That A New Racing Game Mode Is Coming

Since Fortnite was first released worldwide in 2017, the game has undergone several changes over the years. Fortnite looks utterly different from how it was back in 2017, and the game has also seen massive improvements every season. Over the years, Epic Games have become braver in experimenting with Fortnite.

For example, Epic Games launched the Unreal Editor For Fortnite to allow players to create their own levels and game modes in Fortnite. There is also the No Build mode and tons of crossovers that were brought into the game. Now it looks like something new is on the horizon. Leaks say that a racing mode is coming to Fortnite.

What Is The Fortnite Racing Mode?

Fortnite Racing
Fortnite introducing cars was a massive update two years ago. (Picture: Epic Games)

Fortnite racing mode seems to be the next very large update for the game. There have been several leaks recently for Fortnite and within these leaks, it looks like a new racing mode is coming to the game. The game mode is currently codenamed DelMar. Fortnite racing will bring in a lot of new aspects to the game.

From what we have gathered, there will be traditional races, death battles, rallies, and so much more in the Fortnite racing mode. On top of that, there will be a casual mode and an actual ranking system for this game mode as well. If the leaks turn out to be true, Fortnite racing will be one of the biggest updates the game has seen in a long time.

When Will Fortnite Racing Mode Launch?

Fortnite Racing Mode
The racing update for Fortnite will bring in a lot of new features for players. (Picture: Epic Games)

From what the Fortnite leakers have said, players could be waiting a while before the Fortnite racing mode comes to the game. The leakers have stated that this is not a small cosmetic update; this is a massive update that will bring a ton of new content to the game. While this is exciting, this will take time to implement in the game.

The leakers claim that the Fortnite racing mode should release within five (5) months. So perhaps we will get this game mode before October hits this year. This massive game mode could also indicate that Chapter 5 of Fortnite could be coming soon as well. Either way, players should get excited about this new feature of Fortnite.

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