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What Is Siphon In Fortnite?

Siphon is an overpowered Augment perk in Fortnite, allowing players to instantly heal Health or Shield by shooting other players.
What Is Siphon In Fortnite?

Siphon is a powerful game perk in Fortnite that allows players to instantly heal Health or Shield by shooting players. This feature isn't new but has recently returned to a few game modes in the v23.20 update, offering players a great way to gain the upper hand in battle. Whether you're a new or experienced player, understanding the Siphon is important to improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning games in Fortnite. In this guide, we will explain what the Siphon perk is, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Does Siphon Mean In Fortnite?

As mentioned, Siphon is a perk that essentially allows players to lifesteal off enemy players. The mechanic is featured in the new "Shotgun Striker" Combat Augment in Fortnite and works by giving you "Siphon on hits against players," but the amount of Siphon life gained depends on the shotgun being used. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that this game mechanic is restricted to certain game modes in Fortnite.

As noted by YouTuber Tabor Hill (see the embedded video below), the new Siphon perk is somewhat bugged in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 (v23.20) because it can be used against teammates (and animals, for that matter). Overall, the Siphon perk is extremely powerful -- in some respects, it's overpowered and outright broken. As such, it's likely to be nerfed by Epic Games in a future patch.

Best Shotguns To Use With Siphon Perk In Fortnite

At the moment, the Siphon perk is ineffective when using a Heavy Shotgun (as it only gives 2 Shield or Health, regardless of the damage dealt). So instead, the Siphon perk is most effective using the Thunder Shotgun, offering up to 22 Shield or Health per pull of the trigger. Another great shotgun is the Maven Shotgun, which shoots 10 pellets and can give up to 20 Shield or Health per direct hit.

Using the Siphon perk in combat is incredibly useful because it allows players to quickly regain lost Health or Shield without having to use items or find Healing Stations in Fortnite. This can give them a strategic advantage as they can continue aggressively pushing forward and eliminate more opponents without retreating and healing. Additionally, the Siphon mechanic can allow players to stay in the fight longer and increase their chances of survival.

That's everything you need to know about the Siphon mechanic in Fortnite.