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The Flash to make his arrival at Fortnite, along with a special competition

The DC Comics speedster will bring justice to Epic Games' battle royale in the next few days.
Season 5 of Fortnite has brought with it great collaborations with various video game and film franchises, heroes like Master Chief and Green Arrow, along with "bounty hunters" like The Terminator and more recently, Snake Eyes.

Now the game is set for another arrival from the DC universe known for moving at superhuman speeds while fighting for justice: The Flash.

Through the official Fortnite’s Twitter account, Epic Games has released the teaser for its launch, mentioning a person who goes extremely fast, in addition to writing out the number 52, which refers to the 52 known Earths of the DC Comics Multiverse.

Along with the upcoming arrival of The Flash, a new in-game Cup has also been leaked, which has been discovered thanks to internal files found on the Fortnite website, possibly prepared for when the official announcement is given.

According to what was mentioned by HYPEX, a well-known data miner within the game’s community, the Flash Cup will take place this February 10, and it will be in duos format.

At the moment, it only remains to wait for the official arrival of The Flash to the game, which can happen tomorrow knowing how Epic Games has handled its recent skin launches.