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The Walking Dead’s Daryl and Michonne are heading to Fortnite

Not content with Halo and God of War crossovers, The Walking Dead universe is now coming to Fortnite.
Fortnite is getting a crossover with The Walking Dead, Epic Games has announced. 

Shown during The Game Awards 2020, it was confirmed characters Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead will crossover into Fortnite this season. 

The Daryl and Michonne set will be available on 16th December, so you won't have long to wait either. 

While it was leaked a few days ago, Halo’s Master Chief was also confirmed and will be available later today to try out. 

This follows an incredibly hectic time for Fortnite, with a season-ending event involving Galactus, while the new season saw the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda join the action. 

Kratos from God of War was also confirmed as a crossover character, although his inclusion didn’t get quite as much fanfare as Master Chief. 

You can check out Halo and Fortnite crossover trailer below.