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Top 5 artists that should perform at the next Fortnite Concert

The next Fortnite concert is due to happen soon, and here are the top artists we would like to see perform next.
Top 5 artists that should perform at the next Fortnite Concert

Fortnite is increasingly becoming the hub of everything pop culture. From collaborations with famous brands for the battle pass and item shop to movie trailer premieres and in-game concerts, Fortnite is part of almost everything remotely concerned with modern pop culture. 

Concerts in Fortnite have become a major event that not only brings the entirety of the Fortnite community together but also attracts audiences from other mediums that want to experience this incredibly surreal one-of-a-kind interactive experience. 

So far, we have had Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande take us unique dreamlike concert experiences that could have only been possible in an interactive medium like video games. In fact, Travis Scott's Astronomical concert garnered over 12 million views, and fans expect this number to increase with the next Fortnite concert. Several big names like Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and more are rumored to be part of the next concert. With that said, here are some of the artists that we would like to see perform at the next Fortnite concert.

Top artists for the next Fortnite concert


grimes fortnite concert
Grimes in the 'Shinigami Eyes' music video. (Picture: Grimes / Vevo / Youtube)

Of all the artists you will find on this list, it's Grimes that would fit most naturally in a Fortnite concert. Grimes' dream pop music that references video games gives her an edge over other artists and makes her an ideal candidate for one of Fortnite's concerts.

Fortnite's concerts have always featured elaborate psychedelic sets, and Grimes' latest music like 'Shinigami Eyes' and 'Player of Games' implores to be experienced in an interactive, vibrant space like that of Fortnite.


halsey fortnite concert
Halsey performing 'Walls Could Talk' live. (Picture: Halsey / Vevo / Youtube)

Rumours about pop star Halsey appearing in the next Fortnite concert spread like wildfire when Epic Games CCO, Donald Mustard, followed the artist on his Instagram last year. Since Mustard only follows 23 people on Instagram, this incident caught many people's eyes, leading them to speculate that the 'Closer' singer would be a part of the next Fortnite concert.

Halsey recently released her fourth studio album, 'If I Can't Have Love, I want Power,' alongside a short film of the same that name features vivid imagery. Some of the songs from the album (which falls in the Alternative Rock genre) like 'Easier than Lying,' 'Girl is a Gun,' and 'Honey' have the potential to sway the audience with their upbeat tempo and loud and powerful lyrics. Furthermore, these songs could give Epic plenty of possibilities to build some eccentric Halseyesque sets.

Justin Bieber 

justin bieber fortnite concert
Justin Bieber in the 'Peaches' music video. (Picture: Justin Bieber / Vevo / Youtube))

It's common knowledge that Justin Bieber is one of the most popular and influential pop stars of the 21st century. It's also safe to say that Bieber is arguably the only artist on this list that has the potential to cross Travis Scott's view counts. 

It isn't just Bieber's popularity that demands his presence in Fortnite. Some of his recent collabs and releases have garnered unprecedented popularity among fans and have broken several stream records. Songs like 'Yummy,' 'Peaches,' and The Kid LAROI's 'STAY' are sufficient to get the Fortnite crowd crazy.

The Weeknd

the weeknd fortnite concert
Abigail in the 'Blinding Lights' music video. (Picture: The Weeknd / Vevo / Youtube)

It didn't take long for The Weeknd's unique synth-pop music to find its audience and break all stream records in the process. Add Abigail's inexplicably smooth vocals to the catchy music, and we have something that would resonate with everyone who's remotely into pop music. 

Most importantly, The Weeknd's recent hits like 'Blinding Lights,' 'Save Your Tears,' or even the classics like 'Starboy' with Daftpunk (also heavily rumored for the next Fortnite concert) have the potential to produce some jaw-dropping visual and sound effects in the game.

Current Joys

current joys fortnite concert
Nick Rattigan of Current Joys performing live on Audiotree. (Picture: Audiotree / Youtube)

Lead Vocalist Nick Rattigan and his fellow band members in Current Joys are some of the most underrated indie rock musicians to date. Current Joys music is loud, provocative, emotional, and incredibly powerful.

Nick's energy is unprecedented during live performances, and some of the band's popular hits like 'You Broke my Heart,' 'A Different Age,' 'My Motorcycle, 'Blade Runner,' and 'Money Making Machine,' are capable of leaving long-lasting impressions on those who experience them for the first time.

 Current Joys in Fortnite is the type of fresh and experience Fortnite fans deserve. Over the years, the popular battle royale has established a thematic pattern in terms of the music its audience consumes and the storytelling it portrays. Bringing artists like Current Joy has the potential to shake things up a little and attract a new audience, allow veteran fans to soak in different flavors of music, and ultimately put a risky yet new spin on Fortnite's definition of pop culture.

These are some of the artists we would like to see perform in the next Fortnite concert. Other artists rumored to perform in the next Fortnite concert are Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Bad Bunny, and Sia. 

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.