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Waffleluls has Fortnite ban overturned after enlisting help of lawyers

With the help of management agency, CarterPulse and their team of lawyers Waffleluls will get to return to competitive Fortnite in time to play next weekend's FNCS qualifiers.
Waffleluls has Fortnite ban overturned after enlisting help of lawyers

Epic Games have answered the calls of many in the Fortnite community by overturning Waffeluls 30-day competitive ban, handed to the player after a game-breaking befell him during a Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) qualifier.

FNCS Waffleslul ban overturned Carter Price
(Picture: Epic Games)

It caps what has been a strange few days for the Fortnite pro, from initially failing to qualify for the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Grand Finals after a he encountered a bug, which was no fault of his own, and which saw his inventory filled with crashpads but no weapons.

He was subsequently banned and took to posting his bizarre communications with Epic support on his Twitter.

The ban became a cause celebre in the Fortnite community, and a lightning rode for players who have become dismayed over Epic's poor record of weeding out players who are actually cheating, with accusations flying that some well-regarded players are being aided with "soft-aim" hacks.

Now it appears that Epic has seen the error in their ways, perhaps helped by the lawyers Waffleluls enlisted to help him, with his announcement of his ban being overturned including a "thank you" to CarterPulse, a management agency who specialise in esport representation and who have a team of licensed attorneys to hand.

The agency had publically disapproved of the ban, referencing Fortnite's own competitive ruleset to make the case for unbanning the player.

Their argument was:

Players must Intentionally try to recreate bugs/exploits to be considered against the rules, which video evidence proved waffleluls did not do.

And that any bugs must be played through, and under no circumstances can games be replayed.

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(Picture: CarterPulse)

Epic Games hasn't responded publically, but the ban was overturned earlier today, and CarterPulse, who took the case on for free, was quick to thank Epic Games for their cooperation and understanding.

"Just would like everyone to realize that Epic is a great company who makes mistakes like all of us," tweeted the agency. "Happy to have helped @WafflesFN in getting banned!"

Waffleluls ban being overturned is a welcome outcome, freeing him to compete in this weekend's FNCS qualifier, his hopes of qualifying for the Grand Finals, to be held on 16th August, rekindled.