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When Are Bounty Boards Coming Back to Fortnite?

Epic Games recently announced that Bounty Boards have been temporarily removed from Fortnite, following the v24.40 update. So when are they coming back?
When Are Bounty Boards Coming Back to Fortnite?

A lot was changed in Fortnite's latest update, v24.40. The biggest addition was the roll out of Fortnite Ranked, Epic Games' new competitive arm for Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build. While the excitement of the launch eclipsed most of the new update, there were a few elements that received some unexpected changes.

For starters, a small note towards the bottom of the patch notes revealed that Trios would be vaulted following the update. The decision was very quickly met with confusion and disappointment among fans. There were no explanations on why Trios was removed from the playlists, or when it would return.

But it seems Trios wasn't the only casualty. Not long after the patch went live, Epic Games announced via Twitter that Bounty Boards have also been removed from the game, though only temporarily. 

With yesterday's v24.40 deployment, we've temporarily removed Bounty Boards from the game. We'll let you all know once they’re ready to return. All quests that required Bounty Boards have been autocompleted or replaced with a new quest.


Again, the reason behind the removal of Bounty Boards wasn't explained, leaving players feeling confused once again. "First you remove trios then you "temporarily" removed Bounty boards," one user said in response to the announcement. 

When Are Bounty Boards Coming Back to Fortnite?

At the time of writing, Epic Games has not yet revealed when Bounty Boards will be making a reappearance. That said, given that the studio stated that they were only "temporarily" removed, we can likely expect to see them back in an upcoming hotfix, or the next major patch update.

But their absence is still being felt. Despite Epic Games stressing that all quests that required use of a Bounty Board have been replaced, some players have reported having certain related quests still live and unable to be completed. One user highlighted a Week 3 Quest "Accept a bounty at different dueling circle Bounty Board locations" as one that they were still unable to complete. 

Bounty Boards were first added to Fortnite back in Chapter 2: Season 6 and have remained an integral part of the battle royale ever since. Players are tasked with eliminating a random player on the map for reward of Bars. 

With so many players enjoying the functionality of Bounty Boards, here's hoping we'll see them make a return sooner rather than later.