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Where are the Joneses in Fortnite? All locations revealed

Fortnite’s v16.20 update has introduced a bunch of Spire quests for the players which would be rewarding them with experience points.

With the latest Fortnite v16.20 patch, players have their hands full with yet another fresh batch of challenges to complete in-game. 

The Spire challenges are relatively simple to do; however, the third part of the challenge requires the player to talk to several Jonesy-based NPCs spread throughout the map. If the player doesn’t know all the locations for NPCs, it could take them a very long time to complete this challenge.

Based on the last season’s storyline update, players learned that the original Jonesy has passed through the Zero point multiple times, leaving snapshots of him inside the loop. As a result, many characters related to Jonesy the First have been present as NPCs on the map. This quest also revealed some lore information for the players to interpret the Fortnite universe’s story.

For completing this quest, players might need to queue up solo or in Team Rumble as many players seek to complete in the standard battle royale modes. After that, here is a map to find all the joneses on the island and talk to them.

Fortnite where are the joneses(Picture: Fortnite.gg)

Completing the quest in a single match might be difficult, but it is definitely doable. Players can land at the Coral Castle to find the Scuba Jonesy and make their way to Sweaty Sands. 

There they should find Suntan Specialist, and they need to make a long run to Weeping Woods. Sash Sergeant should be roaming around the forest and then make a small run to Slurp Swamp and talk to Slurp Jonesy there. 

He usually walks around the 1st Floor of the main building.

Last but not least, Cabbie is the last NPC on our way, and he could be found near Lazy Lake’s parking lot. 

Players should use vehicles to make the journey easier and buy rifts from Cabbie and Bunker Jonesy whenever possible to hasten the process. Moreover, apart from these joneses, there are a ton more that would be easy to locate on the map.

Completing this quest should grant the players 45,000 XP to help them in the battle pass grind and unlock new styles for their cosmetics in Fortnite.