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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Where To Find Raptors & Raptor Eggs

Raptors have arrived in the latest Fortnite Wilds update, and here's a comprehensive guide to finding these spooky dinosaurs.
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: Where To Find Raptors & Raptor Eggs

Fortnite’s latest season, Wilds, has brought back the highly requested feature that lets players ride the raptors that roam the island. Raptors are fast and fierce creatures that can help you traverse the map, hunt down enemies, and complete quests. But how do you find and tame these dinosaurs? Here's a Fortnite guide to help you out.

Where To Find Raptors And Their Eggs In Fortnite

Who needs a car when you have a dinosaur
Who needs a car when you have a dinosaur? (Picture: Epic Games)

Raptors are most commonly found in the jungle biomes of the Fortnite map. These areas are marked by lush greenery, ancient ruins, and exotic wildlife. You can find raptors hanging out in groups, mostly near rivers or hills.

You can also hatch your own raptor from an egg, which will be friendly to you from the start. Eggs can be found in nests around the map, usually near other raptors or wildlife. Once it hatches, you can jump on it and ride it like any other raptor.

You can also use your ears to locate raptors, as they make distinctive chirping and clicking sounds when they are nearby. If you hear these noises, be alert and look around for any signs of movement or tracks.

How To Tame And Ride Raptors In Fortnite

Once you find a raptor, you need to jump on top of it to tame and ride it. This can be tricky, as raptors are fast and agile, and they will attack you if they see you.

You can try to sneak up on them from behind or use a disguised item like a Prop-O-Matic or a Bushranger skin to blend in with the environment. Once you get close enough, press the interact button to mount the raptor and start riding it.

Don’t get too close to a raptor, though, or you might end up as its lunch. They can slash you to pieces in seconds, and they run like the wind.