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Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite

Since its introduction in Season 7, the Recon Scanner is still a part of the current season, thanks to a quest from an NPC that will allow players to sniff out hidden enemies.
Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite

With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, players have been hard at work completing various punch card quests that were reintroduced to the game. One particular punch card quest has to do with a brand new NPC, Wrath and the Recon Scanner.

The Escaped Tenant is the punch card questline associated with Wrath, and to initiate it, players will have to locate the NPC in Stealthy Stronghold. To complete the quest, players will have to use the Recon Scanner to locate two hidden enemies; however, not many players have any idea where to find the weapon.

Where to find the Recon Scanner in Fortnite?

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite
To complete the Escaped Tenant questline, players will need to find a Recon Scanner. (Picture: Epic Games)

If you are planning to start the Escaped Tenant questline or are in the process of completing it, you would need to have a Recon Scanner in your inventory.  To locate them, players can refer to the many IO Outposts found across the Fortnite map.

  • The rooftop of an IO base in Corny Crops

  • Inside an IO base that’s north of Dirty Docks

  • Southwest of Pleasant Park

  • Between Lazy Lake and Corny Crops

  • Southwest and southeast of Misty Meadows

  • South of Holly Hedges

  • The jungle station at Stealthy Stronghold

  • The domino base

  • The hill station northwest of Believer Beach

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite
Fortnite IO chests locations to find Recon Scanner. (Picture: Epic Games)

Players should keep an eye out for IO chests at the IO Outposts, specifically as Recon Scanners have occasionally been looted at the outposts. However, it is not guaranteed that a Recon Scanner will be found immediately, so players will need to open a few of these chests to eventually find one.

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite
Unsure what an IO chest looks like? Spot one of these, which may contain a Recon Scanner. (Picture: Fortnite Challenges / YouTube)

Unfortunately, these chests are quite limited, so patience should be exercised, hence why it is best to seek them out before initiating the relevant questline.

What is the Escaped Tenant questline?

Once players have acquired a Recon Scanner, it’s time to put it to good use. If you have initiated the questline by meeting Wrath, players can move on to the first objective. However, if you have yet to visit Wrath, he can be found hidden inside the walls in Stealthy Stronghold north of Pleasant Park.

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite
Stealthy Stronghold is the home base for the Fortnite NPC, Wrath. (Picture: Epic Games)

Wrath will ask players to locate two hidden enemies using the Recon Scanner. Once players have found a worthy target, fire the weapon in their direction, which would send a pulse-like projectile that scans the area and turns the enemy red. Complete this a second to mark off the objective.

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite
Complete the first objective to progress in Wrath’s Escaped Tenant questline. (Picture: Iceman82aj / Twitter)

Upon completion, players will earn 12 000XP and unlock more objectives in the Escaped Tenant questline, meaning more XP to be rewarded.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.