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Where To Find Zero Point Pretzels In Fortnite

With Fortnitemares underway in Fortnite, players can treat themselves to snacks and candy like the Zero Point Pretzel.
Where To Find Zero Point Pretzels In Fortnite

Fortnite’s annual seasonal event, Fortnitemares, introduces a variety of hauntingly creepy creatures, costumes, and mini-games that will terrify any player stepping onto the island. With a few heroes eliminating monsters that roam the map, there are several trick-or-treat delights to be found.

Fortnite Candy has returned to the game, bringing a selection of buffs that can grant you advantages over enemy players, including the Zero Point Pretzel. This guide details how to find these salty treats in Fortnite.

Fortnitemares 2022 – How To Find Zero Point Pretzels

Zero Point Pretzels are one of the many delectable sweet treats players can track down to consume and acquire their buffs. It's worth noting that some Candy types are linked to specific Fortnitemares Quests, including one relating to the Zero Point Pretzel.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares zero point pretzel map location flutter barn
Players can find Zero Point Pretzels at the Flutter Barn POI. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

Wondering what Zero Point Pretzel might be? This specific Candy functions similarly to the Zero Point Fish; once consumed, it will grant you a powerful dash ability that lets you become more difficult to hit, especially under fire, for 30 seconds.

While this buff doesn’t stack, it’s worth seeking out the Zero Point Pretzel in Fortnite as it can help you survive matches longer or when trying to complete a Fortnitemares Quest. Fully understanding how it works in Fortnite, locating these salty treats is relatively straightforward.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares zero point pretzel chrome punk npc
Look for a pumpkin head-wearing NPC named Chrome Punk to purchase Zero Point Pretzels. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

The Zero Point Pretzel can be acquired from a pumpkin head-wearing NPC, Chrome Punk, walking the platforms at the Flutter Barn. He can be spotted at the location’s center and, when spotted, interact with the NPC before purchasing the pretzel from him.

Each Zero Point Pretzel costs 120 Gold, but supplies are limited; he has a maximum of five pretzels at a given time. With the pretzel added to your Weapon Wheel, you can consume them while “it’s still fresh” to gain the dash ability.

If the Chrome Punk is out of Zero Point Pretzels, the next best option is to find Candy Buckets scattered across the map. The best locations to find these are at Willow’s Cabin, far northwest of the Reality Tree, or inside several houses at Greasy Grove.

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