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How To Dig Up And Collect Terrifying Tablature In Fortnite

Here's how to dig up and collect Terrifying Tablature in Fortnite and unlock the Ink-Stained Music Vinyl.
How To Dig Up And Collect Terrifying Tablature In Fortnite

Fortnitemares has returned to Fortnite with devilish quests and spooky creatures taking over the Island map for Halloween. Several new Fortnitemares Quests are available to complete for rewards, with two challenges unlocking daily, including digging up and collecting Terrifying Tablatures in Fortnite. This guide explains how to complete this quest and where to find the Terrifying Tablatures in-game.

Dig Up & Collect Terrifying Tablature In A Single Match Locations

Fortnite players can initiate this quest from the Quest menu; once this is done, the Tablature dig locations will be marked on the mini-map (at Grim Gables). With that said, it would be best that players have a Harvesting Tool or pickaxe available to equip once at the location to start digging.

The first location is north of Grim Gables, nearby the cornfield and to the right of the scarecrow. It would be best to stay weary of zombies that spawn in this location. The best way to avert them is by taking on another quest, Hunt zombies or zombie chickens, which tasks players to eliminate five zombie threats. Doing this first should make it easier to dig up the Terrifying Tablatures in Fortnite.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares quests dig and collect terrifying tablature map location grim gables
Grim Gables is located west of Lustrous Lagoon on the Island map. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

With the zombies out of the way, players must approach the cornfield and dig up the first Terrifying Tablature right of the scarecrow. Thesecond Terrifying Tablature is not far from the previous location, although it’s still within the cornfield.

Players can then head to the opposite end of the cornfield and locate the Reboot Van nearby to find the windmill; this is where they'll find the second Tablature. Then, they can go south of Grim Gables to spot a house and garage where the third Tablature is located in front of the garage.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares quests dig and collect terrifying tablature pumpkin patch
A Terrifying Tablature can be found at a pumpkin patch south of the cornfield in Grim Gables. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

The final Tablature can be found at the pumpkin patch not far from the house; players will find a large tree in the center of the patch. The Tablature is located close by amongst the pumpkins growing here, as collecting all four Terrifying Tablatures will complete the quest and further progress with the Fortnitemares questline.

After digging up all the Terrifying Tablatures within a single Fortnite match, players will be rewarded with the Ink-Stained Music Vinyl. Equipping this item to the Locker will have its terrifying music play every time they navigate within the game’s Main Menu.

We want to thank the YouTube channel HarryNinetyFour for their complete walkthrough of digging and collecting four Terrifying Tablatures in a single match Fortnitemares Quest in Fortnite. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.