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Will The Christmas Map Come Back In Fortnite OG?

With the return of the OG Fortnite map, will the original Christmas map be coming back as well?
Will The Christmas Map Come Back In Fortnite OG?
Epic Games

Fortnite is on the up and up due to the new content that has dropped in recent weeks. For starters, Fortnite Season OG is here which allows players to play on the original Fortnite map. 

Fortnite also experiences constant seasonal updates, such as holiday updates whichmake the game much more festive. But will Fortnite include the Christmas themed map for Fortnite OG when the holidays come around the year?

Will Fortnite OG Have A Christmas Update?

Fortnite OG Christmas Update
Fortnite has had many Christmas updates throughout the years. (Picture: Epic Games)

With the launch of Fortnite OG, players are experiencing Fortnite as it was originally released. That means original POIs and weapons are available this season. Thanks to that, there are plenty of players who are wondering if the game's Christmas update Winterfest will be returning.

At the time of this writing, we do not know if Fortnite OG will get a Christmas update. There's a possibility that Epic Games will want to keep Fortnite OG as it is for the nostalgia factor. Adding a Christmas theme to Fortnite OG might spoil the experience for some of those dedicated fans.

What Is The Fortnite Christmas Winterfest Update?

Fortnite OG Christmas Update
It is possible that Fortnite OG will not get a Christmas update. (Picture: Epic Games)

Whenever Christmas time rolls around in Fortnite, there are a lot of different changes that happen. First of all, the map is usually covered in snow that can be used as cover, while giving the Fortnite Island a whole new look. We will have to see if Fortnite OG will get this update when the holiday season rolls in.

On top of that, there are typically holiday-themed weapons and challenges that come with the Christmas update, helping players progress in their Battle Pass. There will be likely some Christmas-themed Fortnite skins as well. We will have to see what comes to Fortnite during this holiday season.