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Forza Horizon 5 Willys Jeep exploit explaind

Get a tonne of Forza Horizon 5 credits and vehicles with ease following this step-by-step moneymaking guide.
Forza Horizon 5 Willys Jeep exploit explaind

With gamers across the globe enjoying Forza Horizon 5 and exploring every corner of its massive fictionalised representation of Mexico, unlocking hundreds of cars and much more, there's one thing every Forza Horizon 5 player needs more of...credits!

If you have your eye on an expensive, fast car in Forza Horizon 5, or you want to purchase a massive mansion, for example, Hotel Castillo for a cool five million credits, then you will need to save up or use a trick to get easy credits in Forza Horizon 5. Don't worry, drivers, we've got you covered!

How to get easy Forza Horizon 5 credits

Forza Horizon 5 players can get credits from selling vehicles, exploring the world, or completing just about any task. Credits do flow into your coffers slowly, however, and it could take dozens of hours to acquire enough to purchase the fastest car or a spectacular house.

Forza Horizon 5 credits how to get easy farm Willys Jeep Super Wheelspins
The Willys Jeep is your key to riches in Forza Horizon 5. (Picture: Microsoft)

So how do you get easy credits in Forza Horizon 5?

There's one way to make hundreds of thousands in a couple of hours, and it revolves around a 1945 Willys MB Jeep, which some players believe to be a bit of an exploit right now, and hilarious memes making the rounds.

  • Farm some skill points with a vehicle that has a skill multiplier boost.
  • We recommend using a Hooligan or Formula Drift car.
  • Purchase as many 1945 Willys MB Jeep's for 40,000 credits each as you can.
  • Use five skill points to unlock the Super Wheelspin with ease.
  • Gift the Willys Jeep to another player.
  • When gifting, skill points might get refunded.
  • Use your Super Wheelspins to get a lot of credits and vehicles. 
  • Sell the vehicles you don't want to keep.
Forza Horizon 5 credits how to get easy farm Willys Jeep Super Wheelspins
Still not enough Willys Jeeps! (Picture: Microsoft)

Super Wheelspins, as you can see from the image below, net players a tonne of credits, as well as expensive vehicles which they can sell to make even more.

If you want vehicles and millions of Forza Horizon 5 credits quickly, there's simply no better way to get the job done right now.

Forza Horizon 5 credits how to get easy farm Willys Jeep Super Wheelspins
Super Wheelspins feature expensive cars and a lot of credits as rewards. (Picture: Microsoft)

With this guide, you should be rolling in Forza Horizon 5 credits in no time at all. It remains to be seen if this trick will be fixed by developer Playground Games, or if it is working as intended.


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Featured image courtesy of Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios.