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Destiny 2 shows off new Stasis subclasses to debut with Beyond Light expansion

Six years after its release, Destiny is finally getting new subclasses when Beyond Light hits on 10th November.
Destiny 2's newest expansion, Beyond Light, will bring a complete overhaul to the looter shooter experience starting on the 10th November. 

One of the key changes Bungie will add to excite fans is an entire new subclass, something Destiny has not seen in six years of existence as a franchise.

The Stasis subclass will be available for all Guardians (Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks) with each being able to "wield the dark" and utilise it in different ways.

In total, three abilities were shown, with Bungie confirming we'll get further specific details for Warlocks (1st September), Titans (3rd September), and Hunters (8th September) at a later date.

  • Stasis Field: Even the odds by slowing your enemies in Stasis fields, then aim down sights at your next target.
  • Freeze: A frozen foe is a conquered foe. Control the battle by immobilizing enemies in solid Stasis.
  • Shatter: A hail of icy razors erupts from broken Stasis crystals, damaging those unlucky enough to be near.

destiny 2 new subclass
All three classes will wield the power of Stasis (Photo: Bungie)

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