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Free Fire Endless Oblivion Elite Pass: Price, content, and more

The last season of the year comes to Free Fire, along with a new pass focused on the concept of spirits and references to Asian culture.
Free Fire Endless Oblivion Elite Pass: Price, content, and more

Like every month, a new season has come to Garena's successful Battle Royale, Free Fire, leaving us new skins and exclusive rewards to obtain during the winter festivities, ahead of the start of 2021.

On this occasion, the Pass will be focused on the theme of spirits, where we will transport ourselves to a new and mysterious world, in which these and dimensional portals are very common, although they are not so well received by others.

In this Pass, we will meet Ray and Abby, two fighters who are part of a specialized group, known as the spiritual defenders, who are in charge of fighting against these threats.

The main rewards of the new Elite Pass will be two special skins, belonging to the Endless White Bundle (Abby) and the Endless Black Bundle (Ray).

Along with these, there is also a new exclusive skin for the M249, in addition to special aspects for the backpack, surfboard, loot box, and machete, closing with a new paint pattern for the Jeep, all being focused on the Endless Oblivion theme.

How to buy the new Elite Pass

free fire battle pass
(Picture: Garena)

As with each pass, its cost is 600 diamonds, while the Elite Bundle with additional rewards costs 1200 diamonds.

If you would like to purchase the new pass, you must follow the following steps below:

  • Click on the Fire Pass icon present on the main screen.

  • After the cinematic, it will allow you to choose whether you want to buy the Elite Pass or the Elite Bundle.

  • Click on the button with the diamond symbol present below either of the two options on the screen.

    • In case you don’t have enough diamonds, you will have to recharge the necessary ones to buy it.

  • Confirm the purchase and enjoy the exclusive rewards and missions of the Pass.