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Free Fire OB28 patch notes: Ranked Season 7, D-Bee, Pets Rumble Mode, and more

The Free Fire OB28 update will start the rollout globally in a few days and add brand new D-Bee character, UZI, Ice Grenade, and more to the game. Here are the complete patch notes of the update.
Free Fire OB28 patch notes: Ranked Season 7, D-Bee, Pets Rumble Mode, and more

After the beta testing phase, Free Fire OB28 update is all set to release on global servers and will bring the new Ranked Season 7, D-Bee character, Dr Beanie pet, UZI gun, and more, along with a bunch of improvements and optimizations. The servers will be taken down for maintenance for a few hours before the update becomes available for players with all the brand new content.

Players will be able to download the Free Fire OB28 update from Google Play Store and Apple Store, which is expected to be around 800 MB, so make sure you have enough space in your device to install the latest version smoothly. Here are the complete patch notes of the Free Fire OB28 update.

Note: These patch notes are translated from another language, so they might contain errors.

Free Fire OB28 update - Patch notes

Contra Squad - Ranked Season 7

Free Fire OB28 patch notesCS Ranked Season 7 will begin from 9th June. (Picture: Garena)

  • The new season starts on 9th June at 10:00 am UTC/ 6:00 am ET and is available until 5th August.

  • "Against Squad Season 7 is here! Climb to Gold III or higher to receive the exclusive Item Contra Squad - M1014 Gold!"

  • A new " Challenger " patent will also be added to the Contra Squad. Players must challenge themselves to be among the top 1000 Masters players to earn the Challenger Emblem!

  • New Rank: Top 1000 Master Players will now be promoted to "Challenger".

    • Challenger I - 1st to 100th players

    • Challenger II - 101st to 300th best players

    • Challenger III - 301st to 1000th best players

Vending Machines

vending machines in Free FireFree Fire OB28 Update will see changes in Vending Machines. (Picture: Garena)

  • Loot and purchase limit adjustment.

  • "We're adding more items to the vending machine so that it has enough items to meet battle needs. We're also adding personal purchase limits on some of the consumables and more valuable items to prevent players from accumulating utilities at the end of the game. " 

  • The vest and helmet repair kit will be added to the vending machine. In addition, there will be an increase in the purchase limit for some items. Optimized the "loot" spread across the map so that it doesn't overlap the vending machine. 

Revival System: Return Area

  • Difficulty adjustment. 

  • "Reviving teammates through the return areas isn't as challenging as expected. We're increasing the difficulty of capturing the return areas to ensure every revival in Battle Royale comes at a cost." 

    • Added armour repair kit to the vending machine. 

    • Increased purchase limit for some items. 

    • Optimized the "loot" in the ground so that it doesn't overlap the vending machine.

Ranked Point Adjustment

  • Adjust the sum of points. 

  • “Since we introduced the revive system in ranked mode, we've realized that the difficulty of getting rank points has become significantly more difficult because opponents now have opportunities to return to the battlefield. highly ranked to ensure that the overall difficulty of moving up ranks is a little less than before." 

  • In short, it increased the total sum of points in the ranked.

Training Island

  • Updated maps and minigames, new features available. 

  • “We are adding more features to Training Island in this update based on player feedback. First, we are increasing the capacity of Training Island so that players can meet with more players. We are also adding some social features, including Emojis, leaderboards and a lap timer on the race track. Participate and check it out!" 

    • Increased Capacity of Training Camps from 20 -> 25

    • Added Airship in the social zone, enter the airship through the portal near the front

    • Added bumper cars on the race track

    • Added a lap timer on the race track

    • Added a Combat Zone Kill Score Table.

Pets Rumble Mode

Pets Rumble mode free fire Pets Rumble Mode is coming to Free Fire OB28 update. (Picture: Garena)

  • Game features update: matchmaking, new mini-game and new skill available.

  • "The early access of the Pets Rumble was very well received by players in the last update. We're making this mode available to all players via matchmaking right after the update so everyone can queue up and have fun! Plus, we've added four mini-games for the games! scientists complete, tell us which one is your favourite!" 

    • Matchmaking available on 9th June. With this, the game is no longer a custom room, to become a common game mode, just like Contra Squad. 

    • Four new mini-games added to the scientists' tasks. 

    • New skill - "Trap" available for bucks.


New Grenade: Ice Grenade

Free Fire Ice GrenadeIce Grenade will reduce the movement and fire speed for a few seconds. (Picture: Garena)

  • Available in Battle Royale & Contra Squad!

  • "Introducing the Ice Grenade, a utility grenade that will explode and leave an aura that deals damage over time after it explodes. The Ice Grenade will be a good tool to force enemies out of hiding." 

  • Initially, check out the stats and how the new Free Fire Ice Grenade works: 

    • Explosive Damage: 100 

    • Explosion radius: 5 meters 

    • Radius of frozen ice: 5 meters 

    • Duration of ice aura: 10 seconds

  • Freeze: Players within the burst aura will reduce 10% movement speed, 20% fire speed and take 5-10 damage per second, based on the duration within the aura. 

  • Watch out! Ice Grenade will affect allies!

New Weapon: Mini UZI

Mini UziMini UZI has a high firing rate and accuracy. (Picture: Garena)

  • Available in Battle Royale & Contra Squad!

  • "Introducing a new secondary weapon - Mini UZI. The Mini UZI is the first secondary weapon with Pistol ammo. With its high rate of fire and accuracy, the Mini UZI can be extremely economical in close combat." 

    • Damage: 17 

    • Rate of fire: 0.055 

    • Cartridge: 18 

    • Attachments: none


  • Adjust in attributes! 

  • "The M1917 underperformed due to its inconsistent midrange damage. We're giving the M1917 minimal damage a slight buff to ensure it performs closer to other weapons at a similar price." 

    • Minimum damage: 36 to 45 

    • Effective range: + 25%


  • Adjust in attributes! 

  • "We're giving KORD a small advantage because it was performing significantly worse than other weapons in the segment. We're also giving KORD's machine gun mode a little more rate of fire to ensure it's more viable in mid-to-medium combat, short-range against SMGs." 

    • Accuracy: + 28% 

    • Fire rate in machine gun mode: + 25% 

    • Damage multiplier to the ice wall, oil barrel and vehicles:  +100% to + 120%


  • Adjust in attributes! 

  • "The M60 didn't perform as expected after we introduced Machine Gun mode in the previous update. We're giving the weapon a higher rate of fire in Machine Gun mode to make fire suppression more viable." 

  • Damage in machine-gun mode: +5 

  • Damage multiplier to ice wall, oil barrel and vehicles: + 60%


  • Adjust in attributes! 

  • "The Kar98k is not commonly used at this time because its damage output isn't enough compared to all ranged ARs. We're giving the Kar98k a little buff in this update to make this sniper rifle more viable over long ranges." 

    • Damage to arms and legs: + 25% 

    • Damage to the body: -10% 

    • Armor Penetration: 0% to + 40%

Utilities and Additional Grenade Slots

additional grenade slotsTwo Grenade Slots option coming to Free Fire OB28 update. (Picture: Garena)

  • New settings available!

  • "We found that it can be a bit difficult to switch between different types of grenades as we now have many different types of utilities in the game. We are giving players the option to add other grenade slots in the HUD so that players can switch and use different types of grenades faster." 

  • New "Two Grenade Slots" setting now available in the settings menu.

In-game Voice Commands

  • Fast messaging optimization! 

  • "We've received great feedback after adding the quick message in the last update. However, we've received feedback that the sound isn't really recognizable. We're adding narrations to the quick commands in this update to make communications more direct and understandable." 

  • In-game voice commands now available.

New Character: D-Bee

Free Fire D-beeD-Bee has the ability to increase the shooting speed while moving. (Picture: Garena)

  • Available soon! 

  • "Introducing D-Bee, a dancer and music creator. With the Break Foot skill, D-Bee becomes more and more focused with greater precision and gets extra movement speed. Try it out and give us his opinion! " 

  • Break Foot - When shooting while moving, movement speed increases by 5/7/9/11/13/15%, accuracy increases by 10/13/17/22/28/35%.

Net Pet: Dr Beanie

Dr Beanie 2Dr Beanie is the new duck pet coming to the next update. (Picture: Garena)

  • Available soon!

  • "Has anyone called a doctor?" 

  • When in the crouched position, movement speed increases by 30/40/60%.


Clu Clu can now spot enemies at a farther distance. (Picture: Garena)

  • Sweep radius adjustment. 

  • “Clu's skill didn't provide enough information to make her a skill worth taking into battle. In this update, we're giving the Tracking Steps radius a big impact so it can be more consistent in locating surrounding enemies. ” 

    • Scanning radius: 30/35/40/40/45/50m to 50/55/60/65/70/75m 

    • Skill duration: 5/5.5/6/6.5/7s to 5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5s 

    • Skill usage time: 50s to 75/72/69/66/63/60s 

    • Enemy positions are shared with teammates at level 4 to 1


Free Fire LauraLaura’s skill has been adjusted in the OB28 update. (Picture: Garena)

  • Adjustment of the precision multiplier. 

  • "The Sharp Shooter skill didn't provide enough accuracy to make a significant difference in gameplay. We'll be giving this skill a little buff so some weapons can be extremely accurate with the right accessories and skill combination.

  • Sharp Sniper - accuracy increases by 14/10/18/22/26/30 to 13/10/17/22/28/35 when the crosshair is open.


Free Fire PalomaPaloma can now pick any kind of extra ammo. (Picture: Garena)

  • Ammo Type Adjustment! 

  • "Paloma is now the true queen of arms. You asked, and we did." 

  • Handling Weapons: Now works with ALL ammo types except 40mm ammo. 

  • 30/60/90/120/150 / 180- > 45/60/75/90/105/120 will not take up space in the backpack.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes

  • The backpack can now be displayed in the lobby via settings. 

  • Optimized in-game item ping feature. 

  • Optimization of the mode selection menu display. 

  • Optimized animation display for Katana. 

  • Optimized background for character page. 

  • The level requirement will no longer be necessary when awakening a character. 

  • Adjusted stat display in Battle Royale and ranked Contra Squad Interface. 

  • Optimized the buttons displayed on the game's HUD. 

  • Players can now turn on/off the vending machine and return area points on the minimap.

  • Removed bug where Contra Squad Rank when shield exceeded 100. 

  • Players can now choose which rank to display in the Ranked Interface.