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Free Fire
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Free Fire OB29 update: Release date, time, features, leaks and more

Free Fire OB29 update is around the corner, and here’s all you need to know about it, including its release date, time, leaks and more.
The much anticipated Free Fire OB29 update will be releasing soon globally with plenty of new features. Meanwhile, Garena is currently testing the new content under the latest Advance Server, giving us insight and clues about what to expect in the next Free Fire update.

Before diving into the complete details, it’s worth noting that the servers will be taken down for maintenance for a few hours before the Free Fire OB29 update release. As a result, players will be unable to access the game servers, and the game will be stuck at the login page until the maintenance ends. Here’s everything to know about the OB29 update.

Free Fire OB29 update release date and time

Free Fire OB29 update Release date, time, features and more
Free Fire OB29 update release date and time (Picture: Garena)

Following the previous launch patterns, Free Fire OB29 update is expected to release on 4th August at 4:30 AM UTC. Players will be able to download the latest patch from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iPhone devices, respectively.

However, due to the ongoing maintenance, the players cannot enter the game even after downloading the latest update. It will probably last for 4 to 6 hours, and one would be able to play on the latest OB29 version once the server goes live.

Update Size

Gamers can update the game to the latest version once it is released globally. The upcoming Free Fire OB29 update is expected to weigh around 700 MB and probably occupy at least 1 GB of storage space after installation. Hence make sure you have enough space in your device to avoid errors and have a seamless download experience. 

Free Fire OB29 update - Features and Info

Each Free Fire major update is released approximately after two months, bringing many new characters, pets, weapons, vehicles, balance changes, and much more. Here’s an overview the of new features that are coming along with the OB29 update:

Three new Mystery characters

Free Fire OB29 update Release date, time, features and more
Three new mystery characters are coming soon (Picture: Garena)

While testing the latest Advance Server, many players spotted three new mystery characters that are likely to be added in the Free Fire OB29 update. Much like other characters, each of them boasts a unique skill that players can use to have the upper hand on the opponents. However, the name of these characters are unknown yet and will be disclosed once the update rolls out.

Ninja Tiger pet

Free Fire OB29 update Release date, time, features and more
Ninja Tiger offers a special skill that deals with additional damage (Picture: Garena)

As reported by several leaks, a new pet called Ninja Tiger is arriving in the next Free Fire update. Its ability provides a buff to the playable character and deals additional damage to the moving enemies. According to various Free Fire content creators, Ninja Tiger’s ability contradicts the famous D-Bee character, which increases the movement speed when firing while moving.

AC80 Marksman Rifle

Free Fire OB29 update Release date, time, features and more
AC80 Marksman is arriving in Free Fire (Picture: Garena)

AC80 is a new marksman rifle that can fire two simultaneous shots, dealing additional damage to the opponents. It’s an ideal firearm for mid to long-range combats.

Besides this, several characters and weapons will be nerfed and buffed to provide fair and balanced gameplay to players.

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