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Free Fire Project Cobra: Respawns, Dynamic Duos, release date, more

With a new Battle Pass starting today, Garena has announced a new update for the game that will bring big changes, this 4th February.
Free Fire Project Cobra: Respawns, Dynamic Duos, release date, more

February has arrived, and with this, big changes will come to Garena's battle royale, Free Fire, from a new Cyberpunk-themed Battle Pass available now, to a series of changes related to the mobile title's gameplay.

On 1st February, the game's developers shared a new trailer (available only in Spanish) where they have presented Project Cobra, a series of new updates that will arrive shortly to Free Fire.

Being among the most relevant, the game will feature a new respawn system, with which combatants can bring teammates back to the battlefield, a system implemented in titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and COD: Warzone.

In Free Fire the process will be similar, except players in Free Fire will use a special vending machine to do so.

In addition to this, the new update will bring the arrival of the new game mode, called "Dynamic Duo", as well as changes in training modes and special game modes, such as a new car racing mode.

Free Fire Project Cobra Dynamic duos
(Picture: Garena)

Garena has also introduced balance changes to various weapons, these being:


  • M1014
  • M249
  • UMP


  • Vector
  • M1887
  • SVD
  • Woodpecker
  • Parafal

The new Cobra Project update will hit main servers on the 4th of February, while it is expected that more news and content will be announced with its arrival.