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Why Free Fire MAX is not opening - How to fix

Wondering why Free Fire MAX isn't opening for you? Here's a guide detailing how to resolve this common problem.
Why Free Fire MAX is not opening - How to fix

Wondering why Free Fire MAX is not opening? You're not alone. Many players face problems sometimes with Free Fire MAX not opening on their devices.

Thankfully, it's not usually too hard to fix problems with the game not opening. Here's how to solve these issues so you can play Free Fire MAX without worrying about bugs like this one.

Why Free Fire MAX isn't opening

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Free Fire MAX users sometimes face problems opening the game. (Image: Garena)

It can be frustrating when Free Fire MAX won't open no matter what you do. Some players open up the game and immediately see only a black or white screen.

There are a few common reasons for the problem to consider.

First, the app could be down. If you open the app and immediately encounter an error, it's possible that the game is down for everyone and the issue isn't on your end.  In this case, you'll just have to wait for developers to fix the servers.

Next, your device may not be connected to the internet; this can cause issues with accessing and starting the game.

If the problem is on your end, you may have to go through some troubleshooting to see what the problem is.

How to solve Free Fire MAX not opening

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You can solve the problems with opening Free Fire MAX by using these steps. (Image: Garena)

If Free Fire MAX is not opening, here are a few steps you can try first.

  1. Restart the game. This solves the problem for a lot of users.
  2. Restart your device. Similarly to restarting the game, this can refresh your phone and the game, so it may now work.
  3. Check your internet connection. Try restarting your wi-fi connection or connect to a different source of internet, as poor internet can often cause problems with Free Fire MAX.

If you've tried out all of these solutions and don't see any results, you can try the Garena support center to receive support directly from the developers.

And that's all. For more Free Fire news, guides, and tips, be sure to check out our dedicated category!


Featured image courtesy of Garena.