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Bennett - Rating & Best Build in Genshin Impact

Below is our rating and best build recommendation for Bennett, a popular support character in Genshin Impact that should be on your team.
Bennett - Rating & Best Build in Genshin Impact

While Bennett has not been considered high on the pecking order of Genshin Impact characters, with the right build, he can be a powerful ally to your party and become a huge asset to your team. So how does Bennett fare in the ratings compared to other characters, and what is the best build you can set up for his character?

To answer these questions, we will provide you with everything you need to know regarding Bennett's rating in Genshin Impact and how to create the best build for his character.

Bennet Rating in Genshin Impact

Bennett Rating & Best Build In Genshin Impact Rating
Bennett is an SS-tier character most notable for his support capabilities and potential to become a strong sub-DPS character. (Picture: YouTube / Zy0x)

Bennett is considered an SS-tier character, and he falls here because while his offenses are fairly limited, he makes up for it with his powerful Pyro support abilities for healing, attack boosting, and Puyro infusion.

But this does not mean he can't deal some solid damage though, with his sword and his Elemental Skill, Passion Overload, he can deal decent Pyro damage and with the right build, he can easily become your sub-DPS in battle. So let's look at the best build you can set up for Bennett in Genshin Impact.

Best Bennett Build in Genshin Impact

Because Bennett is a supporting character, his build will focus on improving his powerful burst attack, Fantastic Voyage. This move creates an Inspiration that heals a character if their health is below 70%. The amount healed scales from Bennett's max HP, and if a character's HP is 70% or higher, they receive an attack boost bonus on Bennett's base attack. The field also imbues characters with Pyro.

Bennett Rating & Best Build In Genshin Impact Build main Skyward Blade and Artifact
Bennets build consists of a weapon and Artifacts that boost his Elemental skill and burst ability. (Picture: YouTube / Zy0x)

Bennett also benefits from Pyro damage-related bonuses, and improves on his Elemental Skill, so his burst benefits allies and himself all at once. Below is the best weapon and Artifact Set needed to create the best Bennett build that takes full advantage of his powerful support abilities, benefiting both your party and Bennett.

  • Weapon: Skyward Blade - This five-star sword gives Bennett a boost in ATK and movement speed after using his burst ability. And conversely, Bennett's burst ability also increases your ATK strength, so stacking these two abilities leads to a deadly combination, and gives Bennett a solid offensive edge.

  • Artifact: Noblesse Oblige - Equipping four of these is ideal as it increases your burst damage by 20%, which on its own can be minimal, but when stacked with Bennett's burst abilities, multiplying that by four for each party member, the pros quickly become apparent.

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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.