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Genshin Impact A Walk Through The Woods - Start Date, How To Play & Rewards

Here's a breakdown of the start date, how to play, and rewards to find in the new Genshin Impact "A Walk through the Woods" web event.
Genshin Impact A Walk Through The Woods - Start Date, How To Play & Rewards

A Walk Through the Woods is an all-new web event taking place in the universe of Genshin Impact and has many fans excited to see what this event will be about. The event will feature many rewards for players to collect and fun mini-games to play as they explore Sumeru, so if you're keen on knowing more then read on.

Below you can find all the details you need to know regarding the A Walk Through the Woods web event. Form when you can join the event, to all the fun rewards and items available and the rules and mechanics involved. 

Genshin Impact A Walk Through The Woods - Start Date

Genshin Impact A Walk Through the Woods Start Date How to Play Rewards and more how to participate and log in
To participate in the web event, simply head over to the official site and sign in using your Hoyoverse/Genshin details. (Picture: HoYoverse)

A Walk Through The Woods web event will run from 29th September until 7th October 2022. To join the event, players will simply need to head to the official web event page, and make sure you logged into your Hoyoverse account/Genshin Impact account.

Once there, you simply need to select the correct server, and character who is eligible to play (only Adventurer Rank 10 and above), since rewards are distributed through the in-game email system, and you're ready to go. Next, let's cover how to compete in the event itself and what you're going to be doing once you've set yourself up.

Genshin Impact A Walk Through The Woods - How to Play

This web event is a dice game in which you can play with Aranara and complete various Challenges to obtain snapshots and Adventure Coins. You can view all of your Verdant Memories, which indicate which encounters you have completed in the web event, by clicking on the icon of a picture at the top of the screen, of which there are a total of nine.

The money bag in the bottom right corner of the screen stores your Adventure Coins. Click on it to claim rewards for collecting 300, 600, and 800 Adventure Coins in exchange for Primogems, as well as extra rewards for unlocking snapshots.

Finally, depending on the number you roll, you can move a couple of steps by clicking on the dice at the bottom right. When you're out of dice, click the plus sign to complete any of the following tasks to get more:

  • Get dice by Logging in to the web event.

  • Complete the check-in.

  • Visit the Anniversary Blessing of the Welkin Moon event to get more dice as well.

Next is the "combat" in the web event. When you step on a tile containing an Aranara or an enemy, you will be prompted to complete a small Challenge. If you complete it successfully, you will receive the corresponding snapshot as well as additional Adventure Coins. Meanwhile, finding a Chest will reward you with special dice that can be used to complete Challenges you haven't yet encountered.

Genshin Impact A Walk Through The Woods - Rewards

Genshin Impact A Walk Through the Woods Start Date How to Play Rewards and more collect your rewards and more
Be sure to collect all your rewards before the event period is over. (Picture: YouTube / Danyverse (Evadnyx) Games)

After collecting a certain number of Adventure Coins, triggering various random events, or completing the picture archive collection goal, event rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore can be obtained. Manually collecting rewards is required.

Remember to claim all of your rewards by clicking on the money bag before the event period ends, as they will no longer be available afterward. Within five to ten minutes of claiming, your rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.