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Genshin Impact Ancient Altar: All three locations and purpose

Here’s everything you need to know about the ancient altar in Genshin Impact 2.1 update.
Genshin Impact;s 2.1 update “Floating World Under the Moonlight” added two new Islands, Watatsumi and Seirai, within the horizons of Inazuma nation. As Genshin Impact players explore the Watatsumi island, they will encounter a number of new world quests, NPCs, hidden achievements and some mysterious things like ancient altars. 

The ancient altar looks pretty similar to the Blue Crystals that are scattered around Watatsumi Island. Since it’s one of the mysterious things in Genshin Impact, many players are trying to get wind of its exact purpose in the game. Moreover, some Travelers are also having a hard time while finding their exact locations. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details.

Where to find Ancient Altar in Genshin Impact?

A total of three ancient altars have been found so far by the community, and as we’ve said earlier, they’re scattered around Watatsumi Island. Here are the exact locations of all three ancient altars.

Location 1:

Genshin IMpact Altar locations Sangonomiya shrine
Head over to the north side of the Sangonomiya Shrine for the first ancient altar. (Picture: miHoYo)

The first ancient altar is located on the north side of the Sangonomiya Shrine. Players can use the nearest teleport waypoint to navigate to the location quickly.

Location 2:

Genshin Impact ancient altar
Go to the east side of the Sangonomiya Shrine to find the second ancient altar. (Picture: miHoYo)

The second ancient altar is located on the eastern side of the Sangonomiya Shrine. Refer to the above image for the precise location.

Location 3:

Genshin Impact Ancient Altar
Visit the Bourou village in Watatsumi island for the last ancient altar. (Picture: miHoYo)

The final ancient altar can be found near the Bourou Village on the southeast side of the Sangonomiya Shrine.

What is the purpose of Ancient Altar in Genshin Impact?

The official purpose of introducing the ancient altar into Genshin Impact is unknown yet. However, many players have raised this query on community forums, and many speculations revolve around Kokomi's quest. As a result, these ancient altars could be a part of the second half of the Kokomi world quest that will be introduced in a future update.

Ancient altar locations in genshin impact quest
Investigating the ancient altar in Genshin Impact (Picture: miHoYo)

As of now, if players stand near any of the ancient altars, they’re more likely to encounter an investigate option. Upon pressing it, the following dialogue will appear on the screen:

“This ancient altar is overgrown with moss. It seems to have been a long time since it was tended by anyone.”

This is the main reason why it’s one of the mysterious elements in the Genshin Impact, as no one is able to decode the riddle yet. In the meantime, readers can always check back again, as we’ll update this page once we get some reliable information.


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