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Genshin Impact x Boardmasters Festival 2022 - Start Date & What To Expect

HoYoverse recently revealed a collaboration between Genshin Impact and Boardmasters. Find out more about the festival below.
Genshin Impact x Boardmasters Festival 2022 - Start Date & What To Expect

Unlike Fortnite or Dead by Daylight, Genshin Impact isn’t known to regularly team up with brands or celebrities. For example, HoYoverse’s most significant and recent collaboration was with Sony Interactive in 2021, which saw Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy joining Genshin Impact for a limited-time event.

However, more recently, it seems Genshin Impact is bridging the gap between brands and entities once again; only on a much smaller scale. On 16th July 2022, HoYoverse revealed its next regional collaboration with Boardmasters—a music festival hosted every August in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Genshin Boardmasters Festival 2022 - Start Date

genshin impact boardmasters festival 2022 start date time
Genshin Impact and Boardmasters' collaboration is the first music partnership. (Picture: HoYoverse/Twitter)

Running from 10th August 2022 until 14th August 2022, Genshin Impact and Boardmasters have collaborated to bring the world of Teyvat to Cornwall. At present, HoYoverse will announce a “big musical surprise” soon. So Travelers living locally in the United Kingdom can expect Teyvat’s long list of soundtracks coming to the Boardmasters stage in August.

Genshin Boardmasters Festival 2022 - What To Expect

During the Boardmasters Festival 2022, an exclusive Genshin Impact brand area will offer fun challenges and games to play, along with snacks Travelers can buy while jamming to the music. Although these challenges provide entertainment, there hasn’t been any disclosure if there’ll be any rewards. Travelers going to the festival will have to wait for further information as the event draws closer.

Regarding Boardmasters and Genshin Impact’s “big musical surprise,” Travelers can speculate an appearance by rock-and-roll Liyue superstar Xinyan or possibly some melodic soundtracks from the game. But it’ll most likely be high-tempo music like rock, pop, or metal. 

Boardmasters event 2022.
Boardmasters Festival features live music and surfing events. (Picture: Boardmasters/Twitter)

Travelers can also expect possible swimming-related purchasable products since Boardmasters is known for the festival’s combination of live music and surfing. Considering that the Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago event will run throughout the festival period, Travelers unable to visit Cornwall might also receive a surprise in Teyvat. But that’s a long stretch of what’s to expect.

But what’s certain is that Genshin Impact and Boardmasters are collaborating for a fantastic event Travelers can visit and partake in for five days. Boardmasters' Twitter holds live updates for tickets and event times for those interested.

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to Genshin Impact’s Twitter for more information about its massive surprise at the Boardmaster Festival 2022 in Newquay, Cornwall.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.