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Genshin Impact Bounty guide: How to complete, tips and tricks, rewards, and more

Genshin Impact’s new City Reputation system has introduced a new style of quest - Bounties. Here’s how to make like the Mandalorian and get everything out of these new quests.
Genshin Impact Bounty guide: How to complete, tips and tricks, rewards, and more

The 1.1 update has brought a raft of new features to Genshin Impact, City Reputation being one of the biggest. There are a lot of ways to up your reputation in Mondstadt and Liyue, but one of the biggest is completing Bounties.

Bounty quests have the player tracking down and defeating a particularly dangerous version of a creature, and reward you with City Reputation EXP and Mora.

Before we get too much further, there are a few preliminary things to note:

  • You can only complete 3 Bounties a week - that’s across all cities, not 3 for each. I.e. if you do three Bounties in Liyue, you won’t be able to do any in Mondstadt. Plan accordingly.
  • You can do the same Bounty multiple times - it’s not a one and done quest, it’s a tier rating. I.e. you can do three 5* Bounties in a week.
  • Bounties aren’t base-level versions of an enemy - they will have changed stats and abilities. That ranges from new weaknesses to complete immunity to certain elements.

With that groundwork laid, here’s how Bounty quests play out:

Where and how to receive Bounties

As with nearly all things City Reputation related, you’ll need to talk to Hertha (Mondstadt) or Ms Yu (Liyue) to get things rolling. Once you’ve opened up the City Reputation screen, it’s simply a matter of clicking on the Bounties option to see what quests are available.

Genshin Impact bounty guide where to get it
(Picture: miHoYo)

You’ll then see three choices, ranging from 3-5* in difficulty. As you can expect, the harder the Bounty, the bigger the reward. Clicking on an option will bring up its details, but not accept it just yet - that’s at the bottom - and it is absolutely worth checking out the details.

That’s because Bounties are not run of the mill versions of an opponent, they all have special traits which change the way you have to fight them. That ranges from specific weaknesses (vulnerability to certain weapons, increased crit rate against them) to flat out invulnerability to certain elements.

bounty guide v1.1 reputation systemInvulnerable to Electro DMG? So much for using that newly powered up Fischl… (Picture: miHoYo)

Consider taking a lower-tier Bounty if your main party is suddenly rendered useless by immunities, and you’re forced to use C-tier backup characters you haven’t levelled or equipped!

Once you’ve accepted a Bounty you can’t then accept another until your current one is complete, abandoned or failed - so get to it!

Tracking a Bounty

With a Bounty accepted, you’ll need to head to the creature’s stomping ground. Head to the highlighted area on your map to proceed, but be warned once you enter the Bounty’s territory the timer starts.

Tracking a bounty genshin impact
Wait… there’s a time limit? (Picture: miHoYo)

That’s right, Bounties are timed. You’ll need to track down and defeat your quarry in under 10 minutes or you’ll fail the quest. The first step to that is tracking down its whereabouts, or your target won’t spawn.

To do that you’ll need to use Elemental Sight, and follow the blue trails to various signs of your opponent’s presence. You’ll know you’ve found a sign by the way it lights up. They can vary from elements of the environment - a mushroom you have to pick, for example - to creatures you have to defeat.

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Once you’ve found all three the Bounty proper will spawn. You’ll want to track down all three signs as fast as possible to give yourself as much time as you can to actually bring down your opponent. That means don’t dawdle!

Fighting your opponent

Bounties are much tougher versions of regular monsters, and we’ve already touched on their added traits. Depending on how difficult the fight is, you may want to treat this as you would an Elite Boss.

That means food up and don’t face tank a rocket barrage from a Ruin Hunter! Try to play to the creature’s weakness too, so if it’s weak to polearms and Pyro, use polearms and Pyro.

Other than that, do keep an eye on your time limit. Fail to slay the Bounty within the time limit and Bounty fails. Don’t worry if it happens, all you lose is time; it won’t count towards your Bounties for the week so feel free to push yourself against harder Bounties if you want the challenge.

Genshin impact bounty rewards(Picture: miHoYo)

Defeat your opponent within the time remaining and the quest is complete! Head back to Hertha or Ms Yu to collect your well-deserved rewards.