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Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event teased

Start your engines… or rather, updrafts. Genshin Impact’s latest event will have Travelers gliding through racetracks in pursuit of Primogems, Talent Level-Up Materials, and more.
Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge event teased

miHoYo have unveiled Genshin Impact’s latest event: “Gliding Challenge.”

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but the challenge will have Travellers competing for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals across seven different courses. The faster you complete a course, the better your rewards.

The various courses will also allow you to use two new gliding techniques, “Sprint” and “Ascend.”

Genshin impact Gliding Challenge
(Picture: miHoYo)

What the exact details of their mechanics will be is still up in the air - no pun intended - but it’s fairly easy to deduce one will be a speed boost (Sprint) while the other will give you easier vertical movement (Ascend).

Exact rewards haven’t been confirmed by miHoYo, but unconfirmed rumours have suggested similar rewards to those available via the recent Unreconciled Stars event.