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Genshin Impact 2.6: Irodori Festival characters leaked

New leaks revealed the full roster of playable Inazuma characters set to appear during the Irodori Festival, arriving in Genshin Impact 2.6.
Genshin Impact 2.6: Irodori Festival characters leaked

Update: On 26th February 2022, reliable source Genshin Intel leaked new details on the rumoured Irodori Festival arriving in the 2.6 update. This was outlined in a series of tweets; the source revealed that the event would include story quests and four mini-games for Travelers to participate.

These include mini-games include:

  • A photography mini-game where you’ll need to take pictures of plants or animals for two NPCs which will “inspire their poetry”
  • A tower defence mini-game with a set number of variations and requirements and Wondrous Sticks will factor in this mini-game
  • A sword-fighting mini-game that involves the parry technique
  • An Ikebana mini-game will require you to complete four various chores

These mini-games would reward you with a total of 680 Primogems. You will need to finish the last stage of each mini-game and defeat “The Mightiest Warrior”. This will subsequently complete all the activities; you can redeem Xingqiu as a free reward.

Original story continues: 

Genshin Impact 2.6 will see the inclusion of an Inazuma-based event, the Irodori Festival, according to multiple leaks. The limited-time festival event will be drawing inspiration from the successful in-game Lantern Rite Festival and a real-world Japanese custom as references.

The Irodori Festival will see Travelers earning plenty of rewards and hanging out with the region's most popular and notable characters. A recent leak revealed the list of playable characters they will see and teased rewards on offer during the festival event.

Irodori Festival to feature playable Inazuman characters

Reliable Genshin Impact source, Project Celestia, first reported the roster of Inazuman characters featured during the rumoured Irodori Festival. Accordingly, this includes Kamisato Ayato and Yae Miko and fan favourite characters like Sayu, Klee, Gorou, Arataki Itto and Yomiya.

As another Genshin Impact source, Genshin Intel explains, the festival event will likely feature all playable characters from the Inazuma region as of the 2.6 update.

This provides some hint as to which Inazuman characters may receive a rerun in Phase 2 of the Character Event Wish banners as Ayato will be featured in Phase 1.

Accordingly, this already counts out Albedo, who was heavily featured in the 2.3 update, Gorou and Itto, who was introduced in the same update, and Yae Miko, who was recently released.

The Raiden Shogun/Ei and Kokomi are currently receiving reruns in the 2.5 update, and Thoma is presently featured on Yae Miko's Character Event Wish banner.

So, this leaves just a handful of participating characters yet to be featured or receive reruns since their last appearance, including the popular Anemo character, Kaedehara Kazuha and Yomiya, who was recently rumoured to be getting a rerun in the 2.6 update.

Additionally, Project Celestia revealed that the festival event would likely drop a free character as a reward. This practice has been seen recently in the 2.4 Lantern Rite Festival rerun, with any 4-star Liyue character as a free reward.

genshin impact 2.6 irodori festival 2.4 lantern rite festival prosperous partnerships free character reward
The Lantern Festival's Prosperous Partnerships mini-game featured a free 4-star Liyue character as a reward. (Picture: HoYoverse)

While the source stated that Xingqiu is likely to be the free reward for the festival event, previous reports reveal Thoma to be a free character in the 2.6 update. Whether only one or both are rewarded during the Irodori Festival has yet to be determined.

With the addition of the participating characters for the Irodori Festival, we also received our first look into the upcoming festival. The leaked screenshots showcase the splendour and beauty of Inazuma during the festival event, highlighted by the presence of sakura blossoms scattered through the main city.

genshin impact 2.6 irodori festival leaks event rewards
A leaked screenshot of the Irodori Festival page included some of the event rewards that Travelers can earn. (Picture: Reddit / PREM)

Irodori Festival rewards were also recently leaked, which excluding the free character reward, they can expect to collect massive earnings upon its completion. These will include Primogems, Mora, Hero's Wit and Crown of Insight; however, other festival rewards have yet to be announced.

As we can expect more news on the Irodori Festival in the coming days, which characters are getting reruns in the update should see many saving their Priomgems ahead of time. Nevertheless, the information has yet to be confirmed.


Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.