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Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact is gifting 800 Primogems upon winning at PlayStation Partner Awards 2021

Genshin Impact was honoured at the annual PlayStation Partner Awards, winning the Grand Award and to thank Travelers for their support, miHoYo is rewarding players with free Primogems.
Genshin Impact received the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021 Grand Reward for achieving high game sales on the PlayStation platform. The Genshin Impact Operations team has thanked Travelers for the support they have shown.

Not only this, but they have decided to send a bonus reward of free Primogems for Travelers to claim during a limited-time period. Here’s what Travelers need to know about the impromptu Thank You letter, as well as the bonus reward and how you can claim it.

Genshin Impact Thank You letter details

genshin impact playstation partner awards 2021 grand award category
Genshin Impact was awarded the Grand Award prize at this year's PlayStation Partner Awards. (Picture: Sony / PlayStation Blog)

Genshin Impact was awarded the Grand Award prize at the PlayStation Partner Awards 2021. Additionally, the game was placed as runners-up in the PlayStation Game Music Award category.


In honour of this momentous occasion, miHoYo is rewarding all Travelers with 800 Primogems via the in-game mail. The developers will be awarding 200 Primogems each day for four days, totalling 800 Primogems.

How to claim Primogems from the Thank You letter

From 4th to 7th December 2021, 200 Primogems will be delivered each day via an in-game mail for all Travelers to claim. This will be delivered at midnight server time during the above-mentioned dates.

genshin impact in-game mail thank you letter primogems rewards travelers
Travelers can collect their free Primogems via the in-game mail before the end of Version 2.3. (Picture: miHoYo & Reddit / Ron0108)

Travelers can claim their Primogems at any time before the conclusion of the Version 2.3 update. To qualify for this reward, you will need to have reached Adventure Rank 7 and higher to receive this reward.

Congratulations to miHoYo and the Genshin Impact team on this incredible achievement. We’re looking forward to yet another amazing year exploring the lands of Teyvat and beyond.


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.