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Kamisato Ayato's face finally revealed in leaked screenshot

Genshin Impact's Kamisato Ayato had his face revealed in a leaked image gone viral on social media.
Kamisato Ayato's face finally revealed in leaked screenshot

The latest Genshin Impact leak that reportedly showcased Kamisato Ayato's outfit kit also provided the community with the first entire appearance of the character. Ayato, who's reportedly arriving in the 2.6 update, appeared alongside his sister in a screenshot from either a web event or story trailer for the game.

There have been many Ayato leaks circulating on social media and online forums since the character first appeared in Arataki Itto's Character Preview. However, the latest leak gave what the community were looking for: a close-up character face reveal.

Genshin community divided over Ayato's face reveal

The leak was first posted to the Genshin Impact subreddit by G4kky before it was reported by Genshin Impact source, Ubatcha.

Followingly, the promotional artwork featured the Kamisato siblings possibly at home on the Kamisato Estate. The elder Kamisato sibling was modelled against his younger sister, avid fans were treated to the character's first look in-game, and naturally, the responses went viral.

While some were astonished at the first appearance of the Kamisato Clan leader, others were genuinely excited to see Ayato's face. One Reddit user was eagerly excited to finally get a face reveal for Ayato. "I believe this, and I hope this is real because that's exactly how I wanted Ayato to look," they said.

Another Reddit user spoke to the credibility of the leak as the poster was the first to leak Keqing's skin for the Lantern Rite Festival rerun. "Looking at the OP's post history, their leaks have been valid and verified before. They were the one to originally leak the Keqing skin. Not saying it's legit, but definitely not some random post."

genshin impact characters leak ayato face reveal source keqing outfit leaked
The source behind Ayato's leaked face reveal was responsible for leaking Keqing's Lantern Rite Festival outfit. (Picture: miHoYo)

Others were quick to point out inconsistencies with the leaked image, as they had noted the animation style isn't atypical to miHoYo's current work. "The background looks so real, but I can't say the same for Ayaka and Ayato   ̶ the style they're drawn in doesn't seem polished enough to be from miHoYo, in my opinion," user MaeBeaIWill stated.

Reddit user Plethora_of_squids shared a similar sentiment of the image looking like fanart writing, "Ok, I want to say it's fanart, but like if you do a reverse search… this is the only place this image appears. Either this is a really weird way of getting attention for fanart, someone put a lot of effort into faking a leak, or this has some credibility?"

genshin impact characters leak ayato face reveal kamisato siblings ayaka ayato
The leaked screenshot featuring the Kamisato siblings that went viral on social media. (Picture: Twitter / Ubatcha)

Since the original post was uploaded to the Genshin Impact subreddit, moderators removed it before it was re-uploaded a while later. Regardless of the credibility of the leak, the Genshin Impact community definitely won this round.


Featured image courtesy of miHoYo & YouTube / Undiscovery Ch.