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Genshin Impact leaks reveal Kamisato Ayato’s “official” outfit

A member of the Genshin Impact community posted online a detailed breakdown of Kamisato Ayato's outfit.
Genshin Impact leaks reveal Kamisato Ayato’s “official” outfit

The Genshin Impact 2.5 update is fast approaching its February 2022 release, with Yae Miko confirmed to be arriving in Teyvat. On the other hand, the game's 2.6 update is shaping up to its most anticipated patch yet, with the rumoured appearance of Kamisato Ayato.

We have previously covered multiple leaks surrounding the Hydro-wielding character, including his combat role and appearance kit. More recently, the character's "official" outfit kit was leaked online, giving many fans an idea of what the Kamisato Clan leader might look like.

Concept art details how Ayato's outfit might look

The last few weeks have been an exciting time for Travelers due to many leaks alluding to future content headed to Genshin Impact. While dissecting facts from misleading information has been rather tricky, it certainly adds to the excitement as we eagerly await the next update.

Kamisato Ayato is one of the most popular and highly requested characters within the Genshin Impact community. Indeed, there have been many leaks surrounding the character, including a possible first-hand look at his "official" outfit.

Posted to the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, the character's outfit was detailed by a Genshin community member. Not only did they break down Ayato's outfit, but they also designed the mock-ups and highlighted some of the components featured in Ayato's outfit leak.

genshin impact character leak kamisato ayato outfit mock ups
A Genshin Impact community member designed outfit mock-ups for Kamisato Ayato. (Picture: Reddit / Both_Waltz_3203)
  • Ayato's outfit features several opaque lines that could be visibly seen, suggesting that more of his outfit may be hidden beneath it.
  • The appearance of a few samurai adornments (armour should piece, should pad and gloves) could be his way of mimicking Ayaka's outfit.
  • His white coat features a straight-edge tail, which could speculate that Ayato may use a Claymore as his preferred weapon since the tail could hide the sword.
  • Ayato appears to be wearing a similar forearm guard as his sister.

The outfit breakdown possibly corroborates earlier leaks for Ayato, which descriptively details his appearance. For example, a Reddit user described him "as a tall male with white hair and a white suit" and noted that he "looks like a male model [or] Ikeman but is more muscular and masculine".

genshin impact characters kamisato ayaka outfit comparison
Some elements of Ayato's outfit drew comparisons with his younger sister, Ayaka. (Picture: miHoYo)

While nothing has been confirmed yet by the developer, miHoYo, it is certainly interesting that we may have an idea of what Ayato will look like in-game.

Better still, with the 2.5 live stream taking place early next month, there may be a slight chance we may see Kamisato Ayato reappear once again.


Featured image courtesy of Reddit / G4kky.