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Genshin Impact: MiHoYo unveils 12-year content plan

According to reports, the plans for the RPG have been extended thanks to its enormous economic performance and flow of users it is enjoying.
Genshin Impact: MiHoYo unveils 12-year content plan

Since its global launch on 28th September 2020, Genshin Impact has become one of the biggest phenomena in the gaming industry, reaching revenues of more than a billion dollars and a player base of around 40 million from its initial release to date.

Thanks to this and according to recent reports by dataminers, miHoYo has decided to push the development team of the title to expand its roadmap, by increasing the original content plans for the game from five to 12 years.

genshin impact content plan(Picture: miHoYo)

As fans know, Genshin Impact receives updates every six weeks, presented through special showcases with announcements  including new characters, mechanics, limited-time events, among many more surprises.

Seeing this change in approach from miHoYo in terms of content coming to Genshin Impact and the longevity of the RPG gacha-game sparks interesting questions. 

Can developers be able to uphold such an ambitious undertaking that spans over a decade of content? Will we see new updates be far more sporadic as a result? It remains to be seen how miHoYo adjusts moving forward.

genshin impact new dlc(Picture: miHoYo)


Studio president, Cai Haoyu, pointed out earlier this year that the production cost of the game was 100 million dollars, an expense that was covered during the game’s first month after launch,  nonetheless it's a massive budget when taking into account that Genshin Impact started as a mobile game.

Haoyu maintains that the development team plans to invest $200 million each year to ensure continued development and support for the game. With such a huge investment backing Genshin Impact, and a constantly growing development team, it seems miHoYo is ready for the highly ambitious roadmap ahead.

At the moment, the most recent update has been that of version 1.4, which brought with it many new features such as a new character, Rosaria, the Windblume Festival-themed event, and a new game mode similar to a visual novel in-game known as "Hangout Events."

It is expected new details of update 1.5 will be released shortly, through a new showcase on the official Genshin Impact’s YouTube channel, from which you can also learn everything with us soon.