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When will Genshin Impact release on Xbox?

The Chinese RPG title, Genshin Impact, has been a blatant success but there are groups that continue to hope they can see the game arriving to Microsoft hardware in the near future.
When will Genshin Impact release on Xbox?

We always are aiming for success but it is hard to believe that the miHoYo team knew the kind of monster they had in their hands as Genshing Impact has broken all kinds of records within the RPG genre, but Xbox has not had a single taste of that success.

The Microsoft hardware is not part of the platform buffet that Genshin Impact runs on, even though PlayStation is the only current gaming console on the roster, the game is already being adapted for the Nintendo Switch, which leaves Xbox as the only console out of the catalogue.

But, with the recent increase of Xbox Game Pass users and the rise of the Xbox Series X|S sales is there any chance to see the miHoYo product on their agenda in the near future?

Can Genshin Impact expand to Xbox platforms?

Genshin Impact Xbox 1
Genshin Impact has been undeniably popular since its release back in late 2020. (Picture: miHoYo)

For starters, it is still unclear why the game has not arrived at the Xbox, although there are plenty of theories out there like Microsoft sales always underperforming in Asian markets or that Sony having more arguments of negotiation because they are also an Asian-based company.

Regardless of the road you want to believe in, the reality is there is a clear opportunity for everyone as the Xbox Game Pass continues to lead the market in gaming memberships and if you consider the recent acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft they are building a very appealing case, at least on paper.

The last time this topic was talked about publicly was a couple of months after the game’s release when the miHoYo team mentioned they had no plans to be part of the Xbox inventory as of that moment.

Genshin Impact Xbox 2
Despite the Sony and the PS5 peaking in popularity, it is odd that a game without an exclusive rights partnership is only available for one console. (Picture: miHoYo)

The Nintendo Switch users have waited way over a year since the release of the official trailer and they haven’t been able to lay a foot on Teyvat. Hopefully, the release of Switch starts unclogging conversations and they continue expanding.

Right now, there is no official date or even a confirmation regarding when, if ever, Genshin Impact will be arriving at Xbox but the gaming Expo season is getting closer and that is a nice platform to offer some news or give everyone a surprise within the next couple of months.

If all the pieces align, there is a chance that we could end up playing Genshin Impact on all three major consoles by the end of the year.


Feature image courtesy of miHoYo