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Genshin Impact Orobashi's Legacy guide: How to complete each of the dome puzzles

Find out how to complete each of the puzzles in the Orobashi's Legacy questline, to finish the endless storm from Yashiori Island.
Genshin Impact Orobashi's Legacy guide: How to complete each of the dome puzzles

The addition of the Inazuma region to Genshin Impact during the 2.0 update brought with it a huge wave of content, which has been expanding with the arrival of new characters, points of interest, and missions and challenges to complete.

While the main ones to fulfil (thanks to their rewards and lore) are the Archon and Story Quests, many players have instead focused on completing the so-called World Quests, which have a great influence within the game by changing the island’s environments, climates, and even enable blocked areas.

One of these long missions is Orobashi’s Legacy, which allows players to unlock the “Formation Estate” Domain, as well as stopping the incessant storm from Yashiori Island. Since this questline can be difficult to complete, due to a series of puzzles that you will find on your way, we will guide you on how to finish it step by step.

Orobashi's Legacy full quest guide

To activate the Orobashi’s Legacy questline, you must go to Fort Fujitou in Yashiori Island, where you will have to interact with Kaji, a worker who will tell you about the stormy weather on the island and what causes it.

Genshin Impact Orobashi Legacy Kaji
To kick off the Orobashi's Legacy quests, you must go talk with Kaji at Fort Fujitou. (Picture: miHoYo)

Once you do this, the first part of the mission will be enabled. Afterwards, you will head to a shrine located in the same fort and be tasked with finding missing components.

First Narukami Pillar puzzle: Fort Fujitou

Using your Elemental Sight you can easily find these lost components. This can be achieved by following purple trails, however, one of the components will be locked inside a water dome you must unlock by completing a puzzle.

For the rest of the puzzles, you will have to interact with a series of Sacred Stone Mounds and several Thunderbearer Mirrors, adjusting their angles and elevations so their electrical current can touch and destroy the barrier.

Genshin Impact Orobashi Legacy Fort Fujitou puzzle
Orobashi's Legacy Fort Fujitou puzzle order. (Picture: Game8 / miHoYo)

When you manage to destroy the barrier, you will have to fight against a Nobushi: Jintouban and a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder. In order to collect the materials, you will have to put on the Narukami Pillar from the shrine, then return to Kaji to tell them your progress.

Second Narukami Pillar puzzle: Serpent's Head

For the second puzzle, you must go to Serpent's Head, where the next pillar will be located. You must then face a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder. Once you've defeated it, use your Sight to find the next dome and complete the puzzle.

Genshin Impact Orobashi Legacy Serpent's Head puzzle
Orobashi's Legacy Serpent's Head puzzle order. (Picture: Game8 / miHoYo)

The other component of the pillar will require some exploration, as you will have to go towards the Rock Pillar Warding Stone's location. Here you have to be careful inside this cave, as several powerful enemies will be waiting for you, and you will be surrounded by areas loaded with Balethunder; so having an Electrogranum with you will be crucial.

Once you finish exploring this section, you will go back to the Narukami Pillar and hand over the materials.

Third Narukami Pillar puzzle: Jakotsu Mine

The next pillar will be in Jakotsu Mine, but unlike the previous pillars, this one will be inside the water dome, so you will have to complete the puzzle before trying to recover the materials.

Genshin Impact Orobashi Legacy Jakotsu Mine puzzle
Orobashi's Legacy Jakotsu Mine puzzle order. (Picture: Game8 / miHoYo)

Once you do it, use your Sight again to go towards the first component, which will be guarded by an Electro Abyss Mage and three Hydro Abyss Mages. The second component will be in an area with a lot of Electro Monuments, with a small cave protected with an Electro wall.

Go through this using an Electrogranum, collect the Rock Pillar Ward Stone, and return to the pillar to place the materials. After that, go back to Kaji to update your progress and begin the last part of the questline.

Last Narukami Pillar puzzle: Fort Mumei

The last pillar will be located at Fort Mumei, while the pillar and materials will be inside the water dome once again. This time, the Thunderbearer Mirrors will be surrounding the dome in a circle, so directing them will be easier than with the previous ones.

Genshin Impact Orobashi Legacy Fort Mumei
Orobashi's Legacy Fort Mumei puzzle order. (Picture: Game8 / miHoYo)

The biggest challenge you will encounter comes when you approach the pillar, as a powerful Maguu Kenki will be guarding it. You will have to defeat it but be careful of his freezing attacks, since being in an area surrounded by water, you will be very prone to be paralyzed.

After you defeat the Maguu Kenki, the only thing you will need to do next is to take the Rock Pillar Pearl from above the Narukami Pillar and the Rock Pillar Warding Stone from behind it, submit the materials, then report back to Kuji, and the Orobashi's Legacy quests will be over.

By completing all of the quests, you will get these rewards as well:

  • Echo of Fury achievement
  • Diagram: Kitain Cross Spear
  • 220 Primogems
  • 170,000 Mora
  • 1,350 Adventure EXP
  • 18 Hero’s Wit
Genshin Impact Yashiori Island
Yashiori Island is hardly the most hospitable location in Genshin Impact. (Picture: miHoYo)


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.