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Genshin Impact Resin guide: Best uses and how to be efficient

Resin is a hot commodity in Genshin Impact. With a newly updated daily cap of 160 Resin to work with, here’s how you should be spending it.
Genshin Impact Resin guide: Best uses and how to be efficient

Working out what to use your oh-so precious Resin on is often difficult. So here’s a guide on the generally accepted best and most efficient ways to be using your daily Resin, but before that a couple of primer points:

  • Try to use all your Resin every day in one go to make the best use of the recharge time and therefore use as much “free” Resin as possible.
  • Keep track of what your primary characters and weapons need to ascend, and also what materials your characters need to upgrade their talents. You’ll want to track which days domains drop those items and prioritise accordingly.
  • Any resin you aren’t going to use in a day can be converted into Condensed Resin with a little mora and a crystal core at a crafting station.
  • You want to try and spend at least 150 Resin a day if you want to be totally efficient - it’s one of the daily battle pass missions and absolutely worth paying attention too for the additional rewards it offers.

With that groundwork laid out, here’s the tier list for using your Resin:

1. Weekly Bosses (60 Resin)

Always your go-to. The best rewards for the hardest fights, taking on the likes of Dvalin and Andrius give you some of the best ways to get high-end artifacts and ascension materials. Rewards can only be collected once a week, however, so don’t expect to grind this.

Genshin impact resin guide
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2. Elite Bosses (40 Resin)

Elite Bosses drop unique materials required for character ascension, and so are an absolute necessity to get your characters to their strongest. Remember that talent levels (also upgradable) are gated by overall character level, and so generally speaking you want to prioritise your characters levels first before equipment and artifacts.

Additionally, bosses tend to drop a lot of loot! That includes high-end artifacts like Wanderer’s Troupe and Gladiator’s Finale, which are always in high demand. Often your best use of daily  Resin, unless…

Where when to sell resin in genshin impact(Picture: miHoYo)

3. Domains (20 Resin)

…. It’s the perfect day to go weapon and talent material grinding. Many Domains’ have variable loot depending on the day of the week, and if your character’s ace weapon or talent requires a material that only spawns on a specific day it is absolutely worth putting the time into grinding for those materials when the opportunity presents itself.

Remember that all of a Domain’s loot table can drop on a Sunday, so if you can’t play on another specific date you can always grind on Sundays - just be advised that a wider loot table means a lower chance the specific material you want will drop.

Artifact Domains are also worth the Resin if you have characters at an acceptable level. Grinding for specific sets (particularly the likes of Noblesse Oblige and Crimson Witch of Flames) can be a worthwhile endeavour, but it’s generally secondary to getting characters and weapons upgraded due to the amount of effort it can take to get a full set with correct stats.

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4. Ley Lines (20 Resin) and Mystic Enhancement Ore (10 Resin)

Last and somewhat least are Ley Lines and forging Mystic Enhancement Ore with Resin. None are a truly excellent way to spend Resin, but they do offer easy access to base resources with a lot of utility - mora, character experience, and weapon exp are all universally useful.

They are, however, universally easier to come across in Genshin Impact via quests and the like, too, which pushes them way down the priority list.

If you have Resin to burn (or are completing the weekly Battle Pass mission about Ley Lines) you’ll get your Resin’s worth, but just make sure you’re not missing out on more niche and harder to get loot by doing so.