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Magical Crystal Chunks: How and where to get Genshin Impact's highest-tier ore

Magical Crystal Chunks are one of the new materials introduced with patch 1.1. Here’s how to get hold of them… and whether it’s all that worthwhile in the first place.
Magical Crystal Chunks: How and where to get Genshin Impact's highest-tier ore

A new tier of ore has been introduced in Genshin Impact, namely Magical Crystal Chunks. This all-new material takes a few steps to acquire, so here’s how to do it.

How to get Magical Crystal Chunks

The first thing you’ll need to do is reach Reputation Level 2 in either Liyue or Mondstadt then claim the reward from the appropriate City Coordinator.

You’ll then need to talk to the local city blacksmith and ask about “finding ores” or “mining products.” 

magical crystal chunks genshin impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

Where to find Magical Crystal Chunks genshin
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With that done, Wagner or Zhang will let you in on some specific deposits of Magical Crystal Chunks, which will be revealed on your map. As a reminder, you’ll need to do this separately for each region to reveal the Magical Crystal spawns there - that means hitting Rep. Rank 2 and going through this conversation chain.

how to get magical crystal chunks oreThe ore deposits being revealed on your map. (Picture: miHoYo)

Heading over to the locations revealed will take you to troves of high-end mined materials: Crystal Chunks, Noctilucous Jade, White Iron… and of course, Magical Crystal. As with all mining endeavors, you’ll want a claymore wielder to make short work of it all.

magical crystal chunks ore location
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What to do with Magical Crystal Chunks

Once you’ve acquired this all-new forging material, the question becomes what do you do with it now? The first thing to do is to return to the blacksmith who tipped you off to the ore’s location in the first place.

magical crystal ore
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Unfortunately, this is sort of where the good news runs out - it’s apparently beyond either blacksmith’s ability to work with. That means no new 5* weapons that can be forged. At least, not yet.

magical crystal chunks genshin impact
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What can be forged is a lot of Mystic Enhancement Ore, fast. The only problem is it requires that all-too precious resource Resin to do so. That leads us to out next question:

Is it worth the Resin cost?

… No, probably not. As with most other uses of Resin, weekly world-bosses (Stormterror, Andrius etc.) and other elite bosses (Hypostases, Oceanid etc.) nearly always trump other uses of Resin, and fast-forging Mystic Enhancement Ore is rarely worth the saved time.

Assuming you’re being hyper efficient, it’s possible to craft 30 Mystic Enhancement Ore a day (in other words, up to the 300,000 exp cap of Weapon Enhancement Materials that can be crafted per day). That said, if you have resin spare - or desperately need a weapon upgraded now - using Magical Crystal Chunks allows you to exceed the exp cap and forge the Enhancement Ore in a far shorter period of time.

Consider this another Ley Line tier use of Resin: useful, but for use when you have resin spare not as a priority.