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Genshin Impact's Kamisato Ayato combat role leaked

Newly leaked information on Genshin Impact’s Kamisato Ayato alludes to his rumoured combat role.
Genshin Impact's Kamisato Ayato combat role leaked

A new Genshin Impact leaker recently revealed new information on another popular character, Kamisato Ayato. Many Travelers will know that Ayato is the leader of the Kamisato clan and older brother to Ayaka.

While many had initially concluded that it was Ayaka in the leadership role, story quests later revealed that it was not the case. More recently, Ayato appeared in the Genshin Impact 2.3 update character trailer for Arataki Itto; however, the video didn't reveal his face.

New information points to Ayato's combat abilities

The Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit post has revealed the character's possible combat role. Originally sourced from the ngabbs website, one fan provided a precise translation beneath the post in the comment section.

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A post, originally from the ngabbs website, revealed Kamisato Ayato's possible combat role. (Picture: Reddit / No_Lifeguard4399)

"Sub-DPS/Support is just a guess based on Ayato's burst. Burst lasts 15 seconds with [a] 20s CD. Ayato's skill mechanics [are] not the strongest but very interesting [or] practical. Leaker doesn't know if his E gives hydro infusion to attacks. Can only confirm that it summons a spirit like Shenhe."

The biggest takeaway from Ayato's combat role leak is that he will gain a stack once his Elemental Skill is activated when attacked. This same stack will be drained using his Elemental Burst, which sees Ayato performing a plunging attack towards enemies.

Furthermore, the post suggested that for the maximum effect from his Elemental Burst, it should be used when Ayato has three or more stacks.

While the translation author stated that Ayato's stats are "subject to change", it's worth noting that the character's Elemental skills and mechanics are rather "interesting". Nevertheless, this recent leak supports previous information on Kamisato Ayato.

A few days ago, another leak revealed skeletal information of four upcoming characters that provided details on their model designs, which may have confirmed their names too.

Accordingly, the leak suggests that Kuki Shinobu will have a young girl model design and confirms Ayato's model design to be an adult male.

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Model designs for playable characters, including Kamisato Ayato and Kuki Shinobu, were previously leaked. (Picture: Twitter / Nahaki)

We also know from prior leaks that Ayato likely possesses Hydro abilities. This information is supported by in-game content featuring two paintings inside the Kamisato State, referencing the Kamisato siblings and their rumoured abilities.

The left painting features a crane soaring over snowy mountains, directly referencing Ayata's Cryo abilities. At the same time, the right portrays oceans waves, which may likely allude to that Ayato may have Hydro abilities.

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Two paintings from the Kamisato State have previously teased Ayaka and Ayato's Elemental abilities. (Picture: Twitter / albrrrdo)

As for when Ayato could arrive in Genshin Impact, various leaks suggest he may arrive in a future update, possibly around April 2022. With the 2.6 closed beta period beginning soon, we could expect to see more information on Kamisato Ayato and other playable Genshin Impact characters.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Genshin Impact.