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Genshin Impact's viral Elon Musk campaign goes bust

A bizarre PR campaign involving Genshin Impact and Elon Musk drew confusion from the dedicated community.
Genshin Impact's viral Elon Musk campaign goes bust

Many Travelers were left perplexed this week following a tweet on the official Genshin Impact account, announcing a “community challenge”, unlike anything Travelers had seen previously. Then Elon Musk entered and things took a strange and equally bizarre turn.

The community’s response was as many expected it to be as the developer, miHoYo, took down the challenge but many will never forget. Even Musk himself responded to the campaign, basking in the fun despite the backlash.

Are Genshin Impact and Musk working on a collaboration?

As the details of the viral campaign have been deleted, screenshots of the tweet are still circulating on social media as well as online community forums. The developer tweeted out on 14th October a call-to-action for its Travelers in honour of the Twitter account achieving the 2 million followers milestone with a community challenge.

The now-deleted tweet from Genshin Impact's Twitter account. (Picture: Genshin Impact/Twitter)

According to the tweet, the challenge stipulated by miHoYo is for all Travelers to follow the Twitter account, @Paimon2theMoon. The account belongs to one of the game’s NPCs Ella Musk, who can be found wandering the city of Mondstadt. Renowned for her proficiency in Hilichurlian linguistics, the character was for certain inspired by the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk.

In the aforementioned deleted tweet, the community challenge detailed a milestone tier that they wished to achieve should the Genshin Impact Twitter reach a particular amount of followers.

  • Genshin Impact's Twitter account would be renamed to Paimon at 500,000 followers
  • Genshin Impact will follow Elon Musk on Twitter at 1 000 000 followers
  • Genshin Impact would send an invite Musk to host a livestream at 3,000,000 followers
  • miHoYo’s CEO will invite Musk to the studio’s HQ at 5,000,000 followers
The viral campaign was meant to drive more followers for Ella Musk's Twitter account. (Picture miHoYo/LudgerXElize)

This campaign wasn’t well-received by the Genshin Impact community, even if the sole reason behind the community challenge was to gain more followers for the character’s Twitter account. As a result, the tweet was deleted and the community challenge a distant memory.

Even so, it didn’t stop there. While Musk himself wasn’t in on the campaign from the beginning, the Genshin Impact community were stunned when the entrepreneur responded on Twitter in light of the situation.

As memes and jokes continue to make the rounds online, it is certainly clear that this will go down as one of the most bizarre gaming crossovers we have seen to date.

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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.