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Genshin Impact servers down? How to check server status

Here's how travellers can check the Genshin Impact server status to find out if the servers are down, or if they need to remedy their internet connection.
It is no secret that Genshin Impact can suck players in for dozens of hours a week, and there's always something new to do, from unlocking brand-new characters to completing a wealth of quests, and much more. As with all other online games, Genshin Impact servers can go down for maintenance, or run into technical issues, which will cause travellers as much sadness as Klee can showcase in the image above.

In this guide, we explain how you can know when Genshin Impact servers go down, and how to check the server status so everyone stays calm during these inevitable periods.

When do Genshin Impact servers go down?

As you require a constant internet connection to play Genshin Impact, knowing when servers could go down is an important aspect to plan your game time.

Servers can go down due to an unlikely technical issue, or when developer miHoYo pushes out a significant game update.

Genshin Impact servers down how to check server status mihoyo update
The developers will give travellers notice before taking down servers. (Picture: miHoYo)

As you can see from the image above, when a big new Genshin Impact update hits, servers go down. On average, players can expect a downtime of roughly five hours (and some Primogems as compensation) when servers go down to push out a new update.

How to check Genshin Impact server status

There are a few ways to check the Genshin Impact server status. It is something travellers should do first, before throwing their gaming devices or checking their internet connections for possible errors.

Genshin Impact servers down how to check server status mihoyo update
Genshin Impact servers generally go down for five hours for a major update. (Picture: miHoYo)

First up, miHoYo will notify players about any changes to the Genshin Impact server status with the game's official Twitter account, and via a HoYoLAB post

There's also another way to check if the Genshin Impact server status, faster than the developers might even be able to write a post. You can simply visit the DownDetector page for Genshin Impact and see if others have been reporting issues as well.

 Genshin Impact servers down how to check server status mihoyo update
DownDetector is the perfect place to find out if Genshin Impact servers have unexpected gone down. (Picture: DownDetector)

So there you have it, a way to check if the Genshin Impact servers are down for an update, or if it could possibly be your internet connection.

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