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Genshin Impact Traveller (Anemo) guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Lumine/Aether, aka the Traveller, are your avatar throughout the lands of Teyvat. Here’s how to play them when they are under the aegis of the Anemo Archon’s blessing:
Genshin Impact Traveller (Anemo) guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Your first character in their original form - the Anemo Traveller. Like all Anemo users they’re great set up and Enablers for the rest of your team, and they can pack some pretty mean heat as well. Let’s dive in:

Genshin Impact Traveller (Anemo) guide


First up is a look at Sword choices. You’ll notice a lot of returning faces from our Geo Traveller guide - and for good reason! These really are some of the best options for the Traveller, regardless of elemental leanings:

Sword of Descension

Sword of descension 1(Picture: miHoYo)

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, it’s hard not to talk about the Sword of Descension in regards to a Traveller build. The stats are good to great, but having a unique ability activatable only when it’s equipped by the Traveller will always make this Sword a high-priority choice for your main character. If you want to run a DPS traveller, this is your best option.

Skyward Blade

best weapons for Anemo traveller(Picture: miHoYo)

In contrast, the Skyward Blade should be top of the priority list if you want to set up the Traveller as an Enabler. Energy Recharge means more Elemental Bursts, which means more Anemo setup and CC. Use your burst, then use your amped damage from Sky-piercing Fang’s damage boosts alongside any Elemental Boosts and debuffs as you can stack to get the damage to hit home before switching out.

Aquila Favonia

aquila favonia(Picture: miHoYo)

Another strong DPS choice. Great attack stats and self-sustain from Falcon’s Defiance make this a great choice for most Sword users, and the Traveller is no exception. Combine that with Second Wind for even more healing, and the Anemo Traveller can be surprisingly self-sustaining.

Favonius Sword

Favonius Sword Genshin Impact Traveller Anemo(Picture: miHoYo)

All about having Gust Surge up as often as possible via Energy Recharge and Windfall. Great for an Enabler or Burst Carry build. You can run Sacrificial Sword, but Palm Vortex has a relatively low CD for an Elemental Skill and doesn’t desperately need assistance.

Consider Fillet Blade, Harbinger of Dawn or Cool Steel if your gacha rolls failx you!


Best artifacts for anemo travellerAnemo user? You can bet Viridescent Venerer is in contention (Picture: miHoYo)

The Anemo Traveller is refreshingly straightforward to build.

If you want to go DPS, or at least high up-time, go Full Gladiator’s Finale to empower their basic attacks and damage. If you’re struggling to get good GF drops, you can go a 2/2 split between Berserker and a +18% ATK set.

If you’re looking for an Enabler build, as with all Anemo users, full Viridescent Venerer is cream of the crop. Empowered Anemo and Swirl damage, alongside Elemental RES debuffs is just fantastic to set up the rest of your team and Elemental Reactions in general.

Other strong contenders are full Instructor for more team-wide Elemental Mastery, or full Noblesse Oblige for a stronger Elemental Burst and a +20% team-wide ATK buff.

Artifact Stats

Here’s a good look in at some effective stat spreads. If in doubt, Energy Recharge with an Anemo DMG Goblet is a good start!

DPS Stat Priority

  1. Anemo DMG Goblet (key)
  2. Crit Rate (50~%+)
  3. Crit DMG
  4. ATK
  5. Energy Recharge

Support Stat Priority

  1. Energy Recharge
  2. Elemental Mastery
  3. ATK
  4. Anemo DMG Goblet

Play Patterns

The Anemo Traveller is best served using their Elemental Skill and Burst to CC and Spread applied elements. They’re an effective Enabler because of these skills, but they make good DPS choice as well if you’re so inclined.

Either way, the crux of getting the most out of the Traveller involves (as previously stated) using their abilities to deal as much Elemental damage via Swirl and Reactions as possible. Getting Constellation Level 1 really helps out with this, because it adds a vacuum effect to Palm Swirl, making grouping enemies significantly easier. 

Genshin IMpact Anemo Traveller guide
(Picture: miHoYo)

As another note, you do want to aim your Elemental Burst carefully, it’s something of a line skill shot, so you want to aim your tornado on a path that catches as many enemies (and explosive barrels) as you can.

If you’re using the Traveller for their utility then job done! After using your abilities, you can switch out to other characters, otherwise, you’ll want to keep applying elements and using the added damage at the end of a normal attack combo from Slitting Wind as best you can.

As for teammates, most Elemental Reaction comps are happy to have an Anemo user to spread and extend elements. Pyro, Hydro, Cryo and Electro all work nicely. You can also think of adding in someone like Jean or Venti for the Anemo Resonance bonus and to make the most of the Anemo DMG boost from Intertwined Winds at C6.


And that’s all folks! Go forth and make Paimon proud.