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Genshin Impact Jean guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

As Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean has a lot to live up to. She’s more than up to the task, and this guide will show you why.
Genshin Impact Jean guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

A 5* drop and the counterpart to Diluc’s anti-hero: Jean is the model knight, and a worthy addition to nearly any team in Genshin. Amemo is a great enabling element, and Jean also brings high damage and healing. In other words, yeah, Jean is good.

Jean plays most roles very well, but here’s how to make the most out of the Acting Grand Master.

Genshin Impact Jean guide


Much like Jean herself, her weapon choice is very versatile. She can succeed in most playstyles with most weapons, but here are some of the more potent choices: 

Aquila Favonia

Jean guide genshin impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

A weapon designed for Jean - literally (it’s in all her promotional art). Physical DMG is nice because she likes to Normal Attack a lot, but Falcon’s Defiance is just beautiful for Jean. All her abilities scale on Attack - including healing -  and the additional 20% is great, plus Falcon of the West allows Jean to get really stuck in as a DPS threat while healing her team via her Wind Companion skill (a 50% chance to heal the whole team on Normal Attacks).

A great choice for an aggressive Jean who wants to get stuck in. Huge heals and damage.

The Flute

Best weapons for Jean Genshin Impact
(Picture: miHoYo)

A more balanced option is The Flute, which needs Jean to get stuck in less to have high impact. ATK% scaling is amazing (again, everything scales on attack) for her heal and damage potency, while Chord is great for burst trades through the AoE attack at 5 Harmonic stacks.

Good for both a DPS and supportive focus on Jean.

Skyward Blade

Jean weapons skyward blade genshin
(Picture: miHoYo)

Skyward Blade all-ins on Jean’s Elemental Burst. Energy Recharge means it’s up more often, while Sky-piercing Fang vastly ups her potency after casting Dandelion Breeze. Geat for builds prioritising Jean as a support or a secondary burst carry.

There a lot of other weapon options for Jean, too - this isn’t exhaustive by any means. Other options for DPS include Black Sword and Prototype Rancour, while Sacrificial Sword (especially if you need Energy Recharge) and Fillet Blade are good choices for a more support-focused Jean build.


best artifacts for Jean(Picture: miHoYo)

Jean can take a few viable paths with her artifact set-up. Full 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale is definitely at the top of many lists, with a full 53% amp to her Normal Attack DMG - that’s a lot of damage and healing.

Another good option is 2-piece Viridescent Venerer and 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale to broaden Jean’s playstyle a little more, adding in a 15% buff to Anemo DMG to strengthen her powerful Elemental Skill and Burst.

Speaking of, you can run a full set of Viridescent Venerer if you really want to play to Jean’s Anemo abilities. They hit hard and they hit in great AoE so you can certainly go this route if you want to run Jean as an Anemo Enabler - use Swirl to abuse enemies affected by  Elements and reap the bonus Swirl DMG and Elemental RES debuff.

Honestly though, full Noblesse Oblige is often a better call if you want to play to Jean’s Elemental Burst. A 20% increase to Burst DMG coupled with a party-wide 20% ATK buff is hard to beat - it still ups her Burst power but also buffs the party and Jean’s attack-based healing.

Final thoughts go to a full Instructor set and its huge party-wide Elemental Mastery buff. Its great if you want to really strike hard with Swirl damage and set up for massive Elemental Reaction chains.

Jean artifact stats
(Picture: miHoYo)

Artifact Stats

Jean is relatively simple to make work with just pure Attack stats in any build, but to really push her into mastering a playstyle, you’re better off focusing a little harder than that. Crit is a priority for a DPS focus, while Energy Recharge is all-important for a supportive one:

DPS Stat Priority

  • Crit Rate (50~%+)
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK
  • Physical DMG

Enabler and Support Stat Priority

  • Energy Recharge
  • Elemental Mastery
  • ATK

Play Patterns

Jean is simple to get good use out of. Her basic attacks heal her and the team thanks to Wind Companion, while her Elemental Burst offers an AoE heal and heavy damage hit, and then continuously heals the active character and deals Anemo DMG to enemies.

In other words, hit people to do damage and heal your team. It’s a potent combo.

How to play with Jean(Picture: miHoYo)

Making the most out of Jean though involves abusing the continuous Anemo DMG she is capable of outputting - especially in her Elemental Burst. Have other characters who can deal Elemental DMG (either while on the field or off) and you can constantly cycle through some deadly Swirl Reactions.

Her Elemental Skill, Gale Blade, is also capable of doing some scary things. Use it as a press to add a burst of Anemo DMG for quick Elemental Reactions and enemy knockback, or hold it to gather enemies, immobilising, damaging and activating Swirl on them, before launching them off in a direction of your choosing.

You can get really creative with Gale Blade: launch enemies directly up to cause them to take HP% fall damage; hold the skill and move them in and out of the border of Dandelion Breeze to force them to constantly take damage from entering and exiting Jean’s Elemental Burst; aim enemies off cliffs, into environmental hazards, or other enemies…

The list is extensive. Suffice to say it will take some practice, especially against heavier enemies, but using and abusing the interactions between Jean’s Charged Attack, which launches enemies and held Gale Blade can do some serious work.

If you can get Jean to Constellation Level 2 or 4 her power as a damage threat really reaches another level - that does require a lot of luck, time, money or all three, however. Even without them, she’s a very dangerous damage dealer with a raft of healing and utility.

For that reason, Jean slips well into most teams because of her innate flexibility. She’s a great healer, a great Enabler (as are all Anemo users), a good damage threat, and usually a mix of all of the above. That does tend to leave her as a Jack-of-all-trades, but she’s pretty masterful in most roles even if she’s not necessarily best in class.

What you don’t generally need is another healer. For that reason, Pyro users are always a good choice to pair up with Jean due to Swirl, (Klee and Diluc in particular), Mona and her Elemental Burst is also a great choice, as are Fischl,Xiangling, Lisa and most other characters who can have persistent Elemental effects even when they’re not on the field.


And with that, this guide to the Knights of Favonius’ Acting Grand Master is complete. Wind Guide you, Traveller!