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Genshin Impact Warming Bottle gadget: How to get and use

We talk about how you can get the Warming Bottle gadget in Genshin Impact whilst sharing the basics steps involved in using the gadget.
Genshin Impact Warming Bottle gadget: How to get and use

The Warming Bottle is a consumable gadget in Genshin Impact that players can use to counter the Sheer Cold gameplay mechanic that comes into play when players enter the Dragonspine area. It was added to Genshin Impact with the version 1.2 update, and since then, it has made Dragonspine exploration a rather daunting task.  

Similar to a few other gadgets, the Warming Bottle is a consumable gadget that is exhaustive. When players venture into the Dragonspine mountain, they need to counter the Sheer Cold, it accumulates over time, and when the status gauge is full, players continuously lose HP. 

To increase your chance of survival, you need Warming Bottles. You can use it to reset the Sheer Cold gauge back to zero, extending your survival time. 

Genshin Impact Sheer Cold Gauge warming bottle gadget
Sheer Cold meter is located right above your HP bar. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

In this article, we will talk about how exactly you can get and use the Warming Bottle gadget in Genshin Impact. 

How to get Warming Bottle 

Genshin Impact how to get warming bottle
Reach offering level 4 with Frostbearing Tree to get the Warming Bottle blueprints. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The Warming Bottle is a craftable gadget item in Genshin Impact whose blueprint players can obtain after reaching offering level 4 with the Frostbearing Tree, found in the Dragonspine area of Mondstadt. 

Once players have the blueprints for Warming Bottle, they can go to the player inventory and learn how to craft them. After that, players can go to blacksmith and craft Warming Bottle. 

How to increase Frostbearing Tree offering level 

Genshin Impact warming bottle
You need a total of 110 Crimson Agate to max out Frostbearing Tree offering level. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Players can offer Crimson Agate to the Frosbearing Tree to increase their offering level. A single offering level costs ten Crimson Agate. Players start at LVL 1, which means to get the Warming Bottle blueprint, players need around 30 Crimson Agates. 

Where to find Crimson Agate 

Similar to the Oculi, the Crimson Agate is found all around the Dragonspine area. While exploring the Dragonspine mountain, make sure to check your mini-map as you will see a diamond shape icon appearing in it whenever you are near a Crimson Agate. 

Materials required to craft Warming Bottle 

Crafting Warming Bottle at a Blacksmith. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Here are the materials required to craft Warming Bottle in Genshin Impact. 

  • Flaming Flower Stamen X 2

  • Starsilver X 2

  • Mora X 500

Once you have the required materials, go to a blacksmith and craft yourself some warming bottles. 

Flaming Flowers
Flaming Flowers are found near Pyro and Cryo Regisvine boss arenas. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Starsilver is an ore commonly found in the Dragonspine area. As for Flaming Flower Stamen, players can obtain it from Flaming Flowers. To harvest the stamen, use pyro or cryo attacks on the Flaming Flower. Once the flame surrounding the flower is extinguished, you can collect the Flaming Flower Stamen. 

How to use Warming Bottle 

Warming bottle
Warming Bottle emits heat for a short period over a small area. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

To use the Warming Bottle, go to your Inventory -> Gadget section. Equip the Warming Bottle. Doing so will assign the Warming Bottles in your active gadget slot. Now depending on the platform, you can - 

  • Press the 'Z' key to use Warming Bottle. (PC)
  • Press the 'L1 + O' key to use Warming Bottle. (PS4/PS5)
  • Tap on the Warming Bottle icon to use it. (Mobile)

That's all you need to know about Warming Bottle in Genshin Impact. 


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.