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What are "Mondstadt Local Specialties" and where can you find them? Genshin Impact guide

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the Genshin Impact Battle pass will know it often asks you to collect “Mondstadt Local Specialties.” The question is, what exactly counts as a local specialty and where are the best places to find them? This guide has you sorted.
What are "Mondstadt Local Specialties" and where can you find them? Genshin Impact guide

Finding those 100 Mondstadt local specialties for the Battle Pass can get frustrating in Genshin Impact. Here’s what counts as a local specialty and some of the best places to pick them up in large numbers:

List of Mondstadt local specialties

Here’s what counts as a local specialty in Mondstadt:

Dandelion Seed (use Anemo to reveal the seed!)

Mondstadt Local Specialties


Genshin impact valberry

Philanemo Mushroom

what are "Mondstadt Local Specialties"

Small Lamp Grass

Where to find mondstadt local specialties

Windwheel Aster

windwheel aster Genshin Impact


Wolfhook Genshin Impact


where to find mondstadt local specialties

Calla Lily

Mondstadt local specialties Calla Lily (Picture: miHoYo)

Best locations to find Mondstadt local specialties

Now you know what you’re looking for, here are some of the more efficient locations to pick up local specialties in large numbers:

1. Mondstadt

One of the most obvious choices. You’ll find a healthy amount of dandelions outside the main gate, and the buildings in the southern quarter have a large number of philanemo mushrooms on them.

Mondstadt Local Specialties, Genshin Impact Mondstadt Local Specialties, where do you find Mondstadt Local Specialties? what are Mondstadt Local Specialties
(Picture: miHoYo)

2. Springvale

The buildings here are covered in philanemo mushrooms, and the lake to the north has a large amount of calla lilies to harvest.

Springvale map

Springvale map Genshin Impact

3. Starsnatch Cliff

One of the only locations to find cecilia flowers. You can find upwards of 15 on these slopes.

Starsnatch Cliff Mondstadt

Starsnatch cliff specialities

4. Wolvendom

Following the path from the teleporter near the beach towards the “Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves” boss fight arena will net you a large amount of small lamp grass in the lower reaches.

Following that - with a little foraging - a fair number of wolfhook berries at the top of the hill near the arena.

Wolvendom Genshin Impact Mondstadt local specialties

Mondstadt local specialties

Some other locations of note include the Stormbearer Mountains where valbery bushes can be found, though they are somewhat disparate, and around the Statue of the Seven at Windrise, which has a large number of Windwheel Asters around it.


With that, you’re all set! Good luck hunting down those local specialties as efficiently as possible.

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