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Genshin Impact - where to find posters and billboards for the "Lingering Malady" quest

Lingering Malady has the Traveller running all over Mondstadt for a number of missing posters and billboards, scattered across the city’s roofs. Finding them can be a chore, so here’s a helpful guide to find them if you get stuck or simply want to save yourself the hard work!
Genshin Impact - where to find posters and billboards for the "Lingering Malady" quest

One of Genshin Impact’s many side quests has you running around Mondatadt’s roofs hunting down missing posters and billboards in the wake of Stormterror’s inclement weather.

The quest, ‘Lingering Malady,’ is issued by Aramis, a Knight of Favonius tasked with patrolling the stairs of Mondstadt Cathedral. A constant life of walking up and down all those stairs has left Aramis with weak knees and scaling all those roofs is beyond him.

Fortunately, as an honorary knight you are more than happy to help.

Genshin Impact Lingering Malady
(Picture: miHoYo)

Finding those missing advertisements is easier said than done though.

How to complete the "Lingering Malady" quest

Here’s where you can find all four:


1. Southern corner of the city

Head down the street from the forge to the southernmost building in the city.

Southern corner of city 1 Genshin Impact posters and billboards

Genshin Impact Malady quest posters
(Picture: miHoYo)


2. Northern walls

One of the more tricky locations. Head north of the Angel’s Share and get on to the walls. You can use the pier as a reference point if necessary.

Mondstadt for the Lingering Malady

Northern Walls genshin impact poster
(Picture: miHoYo)


3. Near the Knights of Favonius Headquarters

Across from one of Mondstadt’s Windmills and south of the Knights if Favonius Headquarters.

Knights of favonius genshin impact billboard(Picture: miHoYo)


4. Above the Alchemist’s Table

Easy as you like. Climb onto the roof of the Alchemists/General Store.

Genshin impact posters and billboards

Genshin impact above the alchemist table poster
(Picture: miHoYo) 

And that's it complete!


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