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Genshin Impact: Where to find Valberries, uses, more

These sweet berry delights are quite tricky to acquire as we explain how to find them and their uses.
Genshin Impact: Where to find Valberries, uses, more

Genshin Impact is filled with plenty of delicious and essential resources that Travelers will need for a number of purposes to progress. Buffing your character’s stats as well as those of your party can be vital when facing powerful enemies and taking down dangerous threats across Teyvat and food is one of the best ways to do that.

Valberries are one of these foods as they are renowned for their sweet flavour and delightful scent. They are equally known for their uses in crafting materials as well as character ascensions. Finding them is the difficult part, and to help with that, we have compiled this step-by-step guide on locating Valberries as well as how to use them.

Where to find Valberries in Genshin Impact?

Valberries are only found growing in the wild across the Mondstadt region. As such, players will have to travel to this location to find and harvest these sweet berries or find the botanist vendor to purchase them.

The harvesting route for Valberry in Mondstadt. (Picture: Genshin Impact Interactive map)

To locate Valberries, travel to the Stormbearer Mountains or Stormbearer Point in the northern part of Mondstadt where they are found in abundance. Travelers can make use of the Genshin Impact Interactive Map for guidance.

With the Starfell Lake telepoint waypoint as your starting point, Travelers can begin their Valberry harvesting route.

  • From the waypoint, head north towards Cider Lake along the riverbank, Travelers can collect Valberries from three to five trees in this area.
  • Then, travel north from this location to Anemo Hypotasis around Stormbearer Mountains. Travelers can collect more Valberries.
  • Travel along the right side of a river running through Stormbearer Mountains to locate more Valberry bushes bearing fruit.
  • Make your way to the summit of Stormbearer Point where you’ll find a waypoint. Below the waypoint, Travelers will find more Valberry bushes where you can harvest fruit from.

Valberries are easy to locate but hard to harvest due to their respawn rate being once every 49 real-world hours. As soon as Travelers are online, head straight for Mondstadt and start harvesting to avoid having to wait two days for them to respawn.

Where to find Chloris in Genshin Impact?

The location of the botanist vendor, Chloris. (Picture: miHoYo)

If all the Valberries are harvested in this area, the other option is to locate Chloris, a local botanist with plenty of plants to sell. This young girl can be found along the main road between Mondstadt and Thousand Wind Temple.

For a single Valberry, Chloris charges 1000 Mora and as such, Travelers can only buy up to five Valberries (5000 Mora) from Chloris daily. Like wild Valberries' respawn rate, once Chloris’ Valberry stock is depleted, it will take two days to replenish.

Be sure to find Chloris if she has Valberries in stock. (Picture: mihoYo)

Valberry uses: Character Ascension

An important use for character ascension, Valberries are essential materials in raising Ascension Ranks, in particular for Lisa, Noelle and Rosaria. To raise their Ascension Ranks, Travelers will need to collect a total of 168 Valberries for each character. As these characters reach higher ascension levels, Travelers will require more Valberries to ascend them immediately.

Valberry uses: Red Dye

Aside from being used for character ascension, Valberries are also used in crafting materials within the Serenitea Pot housing system. An essential resource for crafting red dye, thanks to its red pigment, red dye can be used in many furnishing blueprints. Travelers will need to craft as much red dye possible so an abundance of Valberries is necessary.

In the Realm Depot, Red Dye can be used in crafting many furnishings. (Picture: miHoYo)

Valberry uses: Growing Valberries in housing system

Valberries can technically be grown outside the Mondstadt region. This can be achieved by using the gardening feature for the Serenitea Pot housing system which was introduced in the 2.0 update.

Visit the Serenitea Pot Realm Depot and purchase the Valberry Seed pack as well as the planting furnishing, A Path of Value: Jade Field. Each seed pack costs five coins while each field will cost 300 coins per plot. Travelers are to keep in mind that they can only purchase five seed packs per week with each bush bearing four Valberry fruits.

Purchase the Valberry Seed Pack and the Jade Field plot at the Realm Depot. (Picture: miHoYo)

Lay down enough Jade Field soil on your land before planting the seeds. Travelers will need to wait for the berries to grow and in 70 hours they will be ready to harvest.


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Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.