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Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II Act I - How To Complete

This guide will give you a comprehensive breakdown of how to complete the Archon Quest Chapter II Act I in Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II Act I - How To Complete

As you venture through the new 3.0 update of Genhisn Impact, you will come across various quests and challenges that the Traveller must overcome to progress through the game. One set of these quests is the Archon Quest line that sees you progress through the main storyline of the game.

The Archon questline consists of various chapters and each chapter contains a set of Acts. So in this article, we will be walking you through the Archon Quest Chapter II Act I dubbed "The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia" and how you can quickly and easily complete it as you play through Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II Act I - How to Complete

Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II Act I How To Complete Beginning the quest and the subquests
The Archon Quest Chapter II Act I quest contains various sub quests and we will be breaking them down below. (Picture: YouTube / hoshpup)

Archon Quest Chapter II Act I, or The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia marks the first time your character, the Traveller, will be able to open up and explore the region of Inazuma. Bear in mind that only those with an Adventure Rank (AR) of 30 or higher can start the quest, so if you aren't up to par, consider grinding some levels to meet this requirement.

This Archon Quest Act is broken down into smaller subquests that the player will need to complete as they progress through the game. These are all interlinked, so once you begin it, the current subquest will lead into the next one until you complete the entire chain, and thus the Archon Quest Act.

Act I begins at the Adventurer's Guild in Liyue Harbor. The first section of Archon Quest Chapter II Act I is titled "Setting Sail" and it requires that you perform the following steps:

  • Find Beidou's ship east of Guyun Stone Forest after speaking with Katheryne in Liyue Harbor. You can teleport to Guyun's Domain, climb the rocks, and then glide down to the ship.
  • Once you're on the ship, speak with Beidou.

This will trigger a cutscene that will end in you being taken to Inazuma. Here you'll be introduced to Thoma, and the next subquest "Confessions of an Outlander" begins:

  • From here, chat with the NPCs, and you'll be able to select any item to give Werner the Mondstadt and Liyue specialties (so just pick one from a large stack).
  • Without Keijirou noticing, follow him. Just maintain a considerable distance; try to stay away from the area where he descends the stairs on the right. After recovering the item he just buried, talk to the NPCs once more.

You are, regrettably, now stranded in Ritou. And you must now finish the sub quest "Ritou Escape Plan":

  • You can try to exiting by walking, but this won't work.
  • Visit Hiiragi Shinsuke at the Kanjou Commissioner's Office and speak with him.
  • Meet Miss Hiragi "at the marked location" between 18:00 and 24:00. However, the location won't be visible on the map until after 18:00, so hurry up with your in-game time first (clock icon, main menu). The Commissioner's Office is close to the meeting place.
  • Protect the good as you try to engage your opponents before they reach the balloon Try to walk in front of the vehicle to make things easier.

Next, As part of the "Three Wishes" subquest, go to the Komore Teahouse in Inazuma City to deliver a letter.

  • Talk to Thoma once you enter the Teahouse.
  • Visit the Statue of the All-Pervading God (the huge one in Inazuma City).
  • Speak with Ayaka when you visit the Kamisato Estate.

Now you have to assist three NPCs who have lost their vision. In "The Meaning of Meaningless Waiting" subquest you get to know the first one.

  • Talk to the NPCs in Konda Village by entering.
  • In Tejima's home, look around for hints. A log can be found in front of it.
  • Walk to the tiny shrine on your right after turning around. After that, use Elemental Sight to explore some rocks and continue along the trail (next to a tree).
  • Return to Tejima and converse with him.

The next Visionless character can be found during the "To Treat the Well-Meaning Well" sub-quest. To complete it, follow the steps below:

  • Speak to Kurosawa, who can be found in Inazuma City.
  • Battle some Treasure Hoarders at the indicated location.
  • In Inazuma, go to Aoi's store. She can be found on the right side of the road if you teleport to the northern city.
  • To finish the quest, speak with Kurosawa one more time.

The third Visionless NPC is reached by completing the "A Swordmaster's Path is Paved With Broken Blades" sub-quest. Here are the steps to complete it:

  • Pay a visit to the Dojo located near Inazuma City. Talk to Junya in front of the Dojo and set the timer to 18:00 once more (unless your current in-game time is between 18:00 and 24:00).
  • After talking to the "suspicious person," follow him back to the dojo.
  • Visit the Grand Narukami Shrine, which is on the mountain's summit (northernmost peak). Here you will meet Yae Miko whos waiting for you.

After following Ayaka's request, you can now move on to the next subquest of the Archon Quest titled "A Flower Blooms in a Prison."

  • Return to Ayaka's estate, then speak with Yoimiya at the Naganohara Fireworks.
  • Help Master Masakatsu by entering the Police Station (a hidden entrance is located behind the structure), eliminating the adversaries inside, and moving the wall (more opponents behind it). Grab the amulet whenever you come across one of the three shrines, then carry on your Domain run until you locate Masakatsu.
Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II Act I How To Complete Completing the Flower Blooms in prison marks the end of this act
Completing the Flower Blooms in prison sub-quest marks the end of Archon Quest Chapter II Act I. (Picture: YouTube / hoshpup)

Return to Komore Teahouse, and sit back to enjoy the final cutscene. This brings this guide to a close, as you will have completed Act I of Chapter II of Archon Quest.

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